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Discover the power of nature's finest plants, minerals, and essential oils

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Household cleaning magic made with nature

The new realm of cleaning is here to elevate your human experience and liberate you from chores.

Household cleaning magic made with nature

100% au naturel
—no nasty

herbaceous cocktail
of aromatic


concentrates MADE
from Plants, minerals
& essential oils

always human
and earth

Reusable glass
bottles for a
clean conscience

“Not only leaves my countertops sparkling ...but lickable!”
JESS, mom of 4
“I will never use another cleaner for the rest of my life.”
“The gorgeous bottles...the less waste of plastic in the world due my switching to supernatural...I am in love.”
JESSICA, activist
“Cleaning has become a therapeutic and sacred experience through ordinary daily ritual.”
DANIELLE, clean freak
“The first cleaning product I’ve ever used that cleans everything it touches while still smelling fresh and not like sterilized chemicals.”
TARA, dog lover
“This stuff is a complete game changer!”
PAUL, ad man
“I can rest easy knowing the products are made with love, consciousness and amazingly balanced smells that only supernatural can achieve.”
DANA, girl boss
“The smell has a pureness to it and has a calming effect while doing our daily chores.”
WILLIAM, author
“Every time a new person comes into my home they ask (in a good way) ‘oh my goodness what is that smell?!”
CARLY, artist
“Supernatural is a godsend—no more headaches from chemical fumes and the best part is it REALLY works.”
BEVERLY, healer
“Since switching to supernatural, I’ve noticed a major upgrade in my experience and attitude towards cleaning.”
EMMA, new mama
“Cleaning with supernatural is like casting a spell to bring the purifying elements of nature into my home”
JAYME, stylist
“I've never felt sexy cleaning. Until now.”
AMY JO, podcaster

No rubber gloves.
No chemical smell.

Nature has provided us with everything we need to turn funky gunk into aromatic sparkles—we’re just mixing it up and bottling it for you (in a beautiful reusable glass container, of course). Supernatural is here to revolutionize cleaning, one naked butt at a time.

“Self-care can also mean elevating everyday home chores.”

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“Cleaning Products can be chic, safe for your family, and the environment.”

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“From its beautiful, reusuable glass spray bottles to all-natural cleaning concentrates this home care line is changing the cleaning game (and leaving harmful chemicals way out).”

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“For any type of product to sell out online in two hours, it has to be pretty extraordinary. But for a cleaning product to sell out in hours, it has to be supernatural.”

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“It’s basically aromatherapy.”

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“Embrace Mother Earth: shop supernatural on our Green Goddess Gift Guide.”

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“Keep the house cleaned and primped with this all-natural cleaning supply kit.”

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“Supernatural is one to keep your eye on.”

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