Supernatural Saves the World!

Aromatherapeutic essential oils have been a love of mine for 20 years. I can actually feel the medicinal effects of real oils, and the idea of sharing that natural magic with others was wildly alive inside of me when I first conceived supernatural.

It all came from a deep love for natural products. But when I started looking at the labels, I realized not everything was as natural as I thought it was ...Harsh chemicals that are harmful to the planet and our bodies, gratuitous plastic parts that can’t be recycled, and billions of pounds of water being shipped around the world unnecessarily.

I knew I needed to create something that’s never been made before: all-natural cleaning products that are sustainably sourced, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, that smell unbelievably amazing. Oh! And that actually work better than conventional cleaning products.

It took my hippie chemist friend and I two years to develop the (truly) natural concentrates that had me smelling them even when I wasn’t cleaning. It was one of those aromas that you just can’t fathom until you experience it first hand. Needless to say, I fell in love.

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