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Supernatural ethically sources all ingredients and materials from sustainable farms and distill our concentrates in the United States. Our rigorous standards are important to all of us nurturing a healthier planet. We take our mission in helping the earth seriously and together we can raise the standards of clean-consumerism.

Stainless steel

uplifting tangerine • refreshing lemon + lime • reviving grapefruit • restorative basil • stimulating black pepper

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reviving pink grapefruit • refreshing lemon + lime • relieving rosemary • heartening sweet orange

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COunters + Granite

restorative basil • uplifting litsea cubeba • comforting palmarosa
invigorating fir • motivating peppermint

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comforting palmarosa • calming lavender • motivating peppermint • restorative basil • invigorating fir

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refreshing lime • restorative basil • energizing eucalyptus •motivating peppermint • uplifting litsea cubeba • comforting palmarosa

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New to Supernatural?

Supernatural cleaners are lab-tested and proven to be more effective than other big-name cleaning brands. Our Reusable cleaning products are elevated with natural, plant-based, and essential oil ingredients specifically alchemized and mixed for each of their uses, making it safe for you, safe for your home, and safe for the planet!

With Supernatural, you can clean counters, granite, glass, mirrors, bath/showers, tile, hardwood, and floors.
While also getting the calming health benefits of our carefully curated Botanicals and Essential Oils.

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