Cleaning Concentrates Full Refill Set
Cleaning Concentrates Full Refill Set
Cleaning Concentrates Full Refill Set
Cleaning Concentrates Full Refill Set
Cleaning Concentrates Full Refill Set
Cleaning Concentrates Full Refill Set

Cleaning Concentrates Full
Refill Set


Supernatural was created with reusability in mind. By ordering the refill bottles, you are cutting down on the single-use, throwaway products that pollute our oceans and rivers. This is the refill set of all 4 of our core all-natural house cleaners, Wood + Floors, Counters + Granite, Glass + Mirrors, Bath + Tile. This non-toxic, naturally potent set of four concentrates will keep your stock of Supernatural filled and ready to cleanse.

Supernatural is the clean you’ve been looking for.

About This Product


Our signature blend of pure and potent botanicals harvested with the highest quality in mind to create a powerful cleansing experience that will purify your home and sanctuary.

The aromatherapeutic properties replenish your energy and revitalize your senses, so that your mind, body, and spirit feel just as calm and clean as your home.

From harvesting the botanicals to the shipment on your doorstep, Supernatural is designed for the lowest carbon footprint of any other cleaner. We put the earth before higher profits to lead the way towards a Reusable First future.


Glass + Mirrors - Reviving pink grapefruit, refreshing lemon + lime, heartening sweet orange, relieving rosemary

Counters + Granite - Restorative basil, uplifting litsea cubeba, comforting palmarosa, invigorating fir, motivating peppermint

Bath + Tile - Refreshing lime, invigorating fir, restorative basil, energizing eucalyptus, motivating peppermint, uplifting litsea cubeba, comforting palmarosa

Wood + Floors - Comforting palmarosa, calming lavender, motivating peppermint, restorative basil, invigorating fir

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How it works

Our Supernatural Concentrates arrive full on your doorstep. This 4-pack of 1oz refills creates four 13oz cleaner solutions. All that’s needed is to pour the concentrates into your beautifully crafted, Supernatural reusable glass bottle designed for that surface, then add distilled or filtered water up to the fill line. It’s as simple as that. By using Supernatural concentrates and reusable glass bottles you are helping in reducing the waste left in our landfills and oceans caused by single-use plastics and other throwaway products.

Supernatural is simply cleaner by nature.

Subscription Benefits

Receive complimentary shipping on all subscription plans. Calm your mind with a Supernatural refill subscription for your reusable glass bottles. Refills will now appear at your doorstep exactly when you need them. Customize your plans with how many and how often you need a particular surface cleaner. No obligations or contracts, you can adjust frequency or cancel at any time.

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Why Supernatural?

The ingredients in our natural cleaners get the job done, it's a bonus they smell this amazing

Our concentrates are made entirely from plants, minerals, and essential oils

100% Non-Toxic cleaning formulas that have been third party tested to work

Our refill structure keeps our carbon footprint among the lowest in the industry

At least two trees are planted each purchase to offset carbon emissions of shipping

Screen printed reusable glass bottles cut down on single use plastic waste & are made to last

100% Cruelty-Free, Certified by Leaping Bunny

Auto Refills are Here!

There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. Joining Auto Refills will ease your mind, a new set of refills for your Reusable glass bottle will show up magically just as you need them. By using our botanical concentrates, you are helping in reducing the carbon footprint left by shipping heavy single-use products and the waste of clean water. Just pour our natural concentrates into your reusable glass bottle and add water right from the sink. Natural cleaning made easier for you, your home, and the planet.

More Details

Every Home Surface

Supernatural ethically sources all ingredients and materials from sustainable farms and distill our concentrates in the United States. Our rigorous standards are important to all of us nurturing a healthier planet. We take our mission in helping the earth seriously, and you are helping us plant TWO trees with every order you make. Together we can raise the standards of clean-consumerism.

Counters + Granite

restorative basil • uplifting litsea cubeba • comforting palmarosa invigorating fir • motivating peppermint

Glass + Mirrors

reviving pink grapefruit • refreshing lemon + lime  • relieving rosemary  • heartening sweet orange

Bath + Tile

refreshing lime  • restorative basil • energizing eucalyptus •motivating peppermint • uplifting litsea cubeba • comforting palmarosa

Wood + Floors

comforting palmarosa • calming lavender • motivating peppermint • restorative basil • invigorating fir

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