General Questions

Why does the Supernatural Starter Set cost more than traditional store-bought cleaners?

Supernatural is an elevated extrasensory experience that transforms cleaning into a calming aromatherapeutic ritual — all while being safer for you, your home and the earth. Using high-quality ingredients and sustainable packaging and having one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry comes at a cost – but we believe it’s worth it and think you will, too. With 4 beautiful glass bottles that can be reused indefinitely (value: $15 each) and 4 vials of concentrate (value: $10 each), our Starter Set adds up to a value of $100 — and creating a safer home for your family and a cleaner environment is priceless.

Do I have to buy the Starter Set or can I just buy one concentrate?

We recommend purchasing the Starter Set for your first Supernatural extrasensory experience. Once you’re ready for refills, you can purchase our Refill Set or a custom assortment of individual refills based on you and your home’s needs. Our Stainless Steel formula is available separately.

Ingredients & Safety

What makes Supernatural safer than traditional household cleaners?

We say “no way” to the harsh toxic ingredients found in traditional household cleaners. Our products contain no parabens, no phthalates, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic preservatives, no synthetic dyes, no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no ammonia and no chlorine bleach. We use only natural ingredients from plants, minerals and essential oils, which makes our products safer for you, your home and the earth. 

Why is using truly natural products in your home so important?

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other chemicals released when using traditional cleaning products contribute to health issues including chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches.
Traditional cleaning products are a major contributor to air pollution and water pollution.
Traditional cleaning products account for the second most frequent type of poisoning for children under 6, with over 100,000 cases reported in 2017.

Are Supernatural products organic?

Supernatural is made with USDA Certified Organic 100% essential oils and the highest quality natural ingredients.

Are Supernatural products gluten-free?

Yes, all our ingredients are free of gluten.

Are Supernatural products vegan?

Yes, all Supernatural products are free of animal byproducts.

Are Supernatural products tested on animals?

No, we never test products on animals. Our products are safe for the earth and all its inhabitants.

Is Supernatural safe for use around pets?

Our products are safe for use around pets when used as directed.

Do your products contain palm oil?

No, we do not use palm oil, an ingredient linked to the destruction of the rainforest.

Are your products safe for people with allergies?

Our products contain numerous plants, minerals and essential oils. Check out our full ingredients lists on each individual product page and if you have additional questions, consult your physician. 

Will Supernatural make laundry detergent, dish soap or other products in the future?

We’re always concocting magical new elixirs! Subscribe to our email list and follow us on Instagram to be the first to know when we launch new Supernatural products.

What if I get a Supernatural product in my eyes or mouth?

If you get product in your eyes, rinse your open eye under running water for several minutes (if you wear contact lenses, remove them first). If you get product in your mouth, rinse your mouth and then drink plenty of water. Please consult your physician if irritation or redness persists.


How do I get refills?

Keeping the Supernatural magic going is easy – order our 4-pack Concentrates Refill Set or order your favorite individual vials.

Can I send my concentrate vials back to be refilled?

All that back-and-forth shipping would consume a lot of fossil fuels, so we don’t offer a vial refilling service. However, the glass refill vials are recyclable — just remove the caps and the paper label (which is printed with soy-based ink, so it too can be recycled separately!). 

Product Usage

What is the shelf life of Supernatural concentrates?

Our concentrates have a shelf life of two years. Once they’re diluted with water, they’ll retain their potency for up to six months — just be sure to store them out of direct sunlight. 

Do I really have to use distilled or filtered water?

We recommend distilled or filtered water as it is generally free of metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, and iron that can cause hard water stains. 

I use water softeners in my home. Are they compatible with Supernatural products?

The use of water softeners should not affect the efficacy of our products.

How effective is it at cleaning, really?

Clean is our superpower. Our formulas are lab-tested and proven to be as effective or more effective than traditional big-name cleaning brands — and we do it all with plants, minerals and essential oils. We’re so confident in our formulas, we offer a money-back Freaky Clean Guarantee.

Are your products antibacterial / do they disinfect?

Our products do not contain any of the traditional antibacterial or antimicrobial agents found in common household cleaning products, such as quaternary ammonium compounds or ethanol. (Even the FDA says there is no scientific evidence that “antibacterial” products are more effective at preventing the spread of germs and suggests antibacterial ingredients may do more harm than good.) Our formulas do contain essential oils known for their natural antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, including lemon, eucalyptus and peppermint.

How do I store my Supernatural products?

To get the most out of our products, store Supernatural out of direct sunlight and heat.

How do I clean the bottles in between use?

Simply rinse the bottles with water to wash any remaining traces of product and air dry. If using a dishwasher, remove the sprayer and silicone sleeve before putting in the machine and place on the top rack. (Please note that over time, dishwasher detergent and heat may fade printing on the bottles.)

How big are your glass bottles?

Our reusable glass bottles hold 13 ounces of cleaning magic – 12 ounces of water, plus a 1 ounce vial of concentrate.

Can I use Supernatural concentrates with my own sprayer bottle?

Supernatural spray bottles distribute our product evenly and are designed to hold the perfect amount of plant magic, so we always recommend using our bottles. Bonus: They look gorgeous and are made of 100% recyclable materials.

Can I mix concentrates to make my own scents?

Our Conscious Concentrates are specially formulated with the perfect plants, essential oils, and minerals for their specific surfaces and are best used as directed.

What makes these products smell so good?

Supernatural harnesses the magic of mother nature with 100% pure essential oils. Our formulas are designed primarily for effectiveness, not just for their deliciously herbaceous aromas. The fact they smell incredible is a bonus! 

What type of cloth should I use to clean with Supernatural products?

We’re big fans of using an organic cotton towel or rag to clean. A damp sponge can also work magic with our Bath + Tile spray. For that extra buffed shine, a microfiber cloth is great for wood, glass, and stainless steel surfaces. 

What surfaces can I clean with your products?

  • Counters + Granite:
    sealed stone and most non-porous surfaces (except stainless steel)
  • Glass + Mirrors:
    windows, faucets, mirrors, glass and microwave doors
  • Bath + Tile:
    tubs, sinks, showers, ceramic and porcelain
  • Wood + Floors:
    finished hardwood floors and furniture, cupboards, laminate, vinyl and concrete
  • Stainless Steel:
    Refrigerators, stovetops, microwaves, ovens and other stainless steel surfaces

Why is my Glass + Mirrors spray leaving streaks?

Our Glass + Mirrors cleaner is formulated without toxic ammonia, so it may require a bit more elbow grease compared to traditional glass cleaners. Make sure your surfaces are free of dirt, then use a microfiber cloth to polish your glass and mirrors after you spray and wipe them down. 

Can I use Bath + Tile on my bathroom mirror?

The Bath + Tile cleaner is formulated to remove grimy gunk like soap scum and may leave streaks on glass and mirrors. For best results, use the Glass + Mirrors cleaner and buff with a microfiber cloth. 

Does the Wood + Floors cleaner work on stained and unstained wood?

Woods + Floors is best for stained and sealed wood surfaces. Quillaja extract gives the concentrate a slight brown hue that may darken unstained wood. Take care and test Wood + Floors on an inconspicuous area before using on unstained wood.

Can I use Wood + Floors on wood laminate?

Yes! Our Wood + Floors formula can be used on wood laminate. 

Can I use Supernatural to clean fabric?

Supernatural is not meant for use on fabrics. If you spill one of our formulas on fabric, follow the recommended cleaning instructions for your clothing, rug, or upholstery.

Can I use the undiluted concentrates on a stubborn stain?

The concentrates are not intended to be used without water. If you have a stubborn stain on a surface, simply spray a little more of the appropriate cleaner, allow it to sit for a few minutes and put a little elbow grease into it! Try using a damp sponge if the grime persists.

Can I use Supernatural on painted surfaces?

Our products are not formulated for painted surfaces. We recommend testing in an inconspicuous area first.

How do I use Supernatural Essential Oil Blends?

Supernatural 100% essential oil blends are designed to work with your favorite diffuser. Follow your diffuser instructions to expand, reflect, renew and nourish your sacred space and yourself. 

Eco Impact

How does Supernatural help the planet?

Our mission is to have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry. When it comes to being truly earth-friendly, we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. Here’s how using Supernatural helps the planet:

Our products are natural and non-toxic. Traditional cleaning products are full of harsh chemicals that pollute our water and our air.
Our beautiful reusable glass bottles can be used over and over again. Using Supernatural eliminates 98% of your home’s plastic waste from cleaning products that would otherwise wind up in our landfills (and our oceans).
By using concentrated, just-add-water formulas, we save on carbon emissions by not shipping millions of gallons of heavy water around the world.

Our earth-friendly packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials, which means we’re reusing old waste and eliminating future waste. And because we really love mama nature, we plant two trees for every starter set sold.

Is Supernatural packaging recyclable?

Yes. All cardboard packaging, refill vials and glass bottles (including the sprayers) are recyclable. For the refill vials, simply remove the caps and paper labels before recycling. Contact your local recycling centers to ensure you’re following your area’s local recycling guidelines; mama earth thanks you!

The Starter Set seems like a lot of packaging. Is it really better for the environment?

Our Starter Set is designed to eliminate the need for an additional shipping box — what you see is what you get! Glass bottles require a bit more care in packaging and shipping but they can be reused indefinitely, drastically cutting back on the use of plastics. The packaging is 100% recyclable and is also certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative, meaning that it’s produced in accordance to sustainable forestry practices. (Plus, you only need to ever buy one Starter Set; future refills are shipped in recycled paper envelopes.) Additionally, for every one tree that’s sourced to produce Supernatural packaging, we plant two to help save the earth from deforestation.

Are Supernatural formulas biodegradable?

Yes, all of our formulas are tested by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and achieved the requirements for Ready Biodegradability by the OECD 301B standard for degradation. The standard is 60% ThCO2 within a 10-day window within a total of 28 days testing – and we’re proud to share that all of our formulas well exceed that, with a degradation plateau of 90.6% ThCO2 in Wood + Floors, 91.4% ThCO2 in Stainless Steel, 99% ThCO2 in Glass + Mirrors, 91% in Counters + Granite, and 78% in Bath + Tile. Whew! Lots of sciency facts, we know, but we work hard to make sure our products are better for you and mama earth.

Why do you use glass bottles instead of plastic?

Our sturdy, beautiful bottles can be used indefinitely, meaning you never have to buy (or throw away) another plastic bottle of cleaner. By using glass bottles, you reduce the amount of single-use plastics that wind up in landfills and our oceans. If every household in America switched to Supernatural, we’d eliminate 160,000 tons of plastic waste each year. Glass also requires less energy to manufacture and to recycle. Another benefit to avoiding plastic: Many single-use plastic bottles contain BPA, a known endocrine disruptor.

How do you plant trees with each purchase?

Supernatural was created out of a deep love for mother nature and the belief that we can do more to protect our plant. In partnership with our friends at the National Forest Foundation, we plant two trees (two dollars donated from every purchase) for every Starter Set purchased. And in the spirit of giving, we’ll plant ten trees (ten dollars donated from every purchase) during December. For more info visit

Customer Service

How do I get free shipping?

We offer free shipping via FedEx Ground on orders of $40 or more within the contiguous United States.

When will my order ship?

All orders placed before 2pm CST will ship out the same day, Monday - Friday.

What if I buy Supernatural and I don’t like it?

We’re confident you’ll love your new cleaning ritual, but rest assured our products are backed by a 100% money-back Freaky Clean Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, contact our customer care team at within 30 days of purchase and we’ll hook you up with a replacement or a refund.

I broke one of my Supernatural glass bottles. Can I buy a replacement?

Oh no! Please reach out to our customer care team at so they can assist you.

I broke one of my Supernatural sprayers. Can I get a replacement?

Of course! Send us an email at and we’ll get you a new sprayer.

My package arrived crushed or damaged. What do I do?

Send us an email at and we’ll get you all cleaned up.

The sprayer on my Supernatural bottle is clogged. How do I fix it?

Simply run the end of the sprayer under hot water for a few minutes to dissolve any product within.

I’m having a different issue with my Supernatural products.

We’re here to keep you grounded. Reach out to our customer care team at so they can help!

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, please email us at with your questions, and we will do our best to reply as quickly as we can!

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