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Rejuvenate your Rituals

Tune in and elevate the vibrational resonance of your home and body with Supernatural’s frequency based cleaning products. Our consciously crafted & extrasensory botanicals are a ceremony of nature to bring ritual back into your life and help you manifest magic with a new cleansing ritual!

Invigorating Ingredients

Supernatural’s extrasensory cleaning products are alchemized with positive energy and aromatherapeutic properties to heal and cleanse your home with only the most vibrationally resonant ingredients. Our carefully crafted botanicals are here to do a job, and do that job effectively. Supernatural is simply cleaner by nature.

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Sustainably Sourced and Consciously Crafted

Supernatural ethically sources all ingredients and materials from sustainable farms and distill our conscious concentrates in the United States. Our meticulous standards are important to us when it comes to nurturing your home and our planet.

Two trees planted for every purchase

You offset the carbon footprint with every order

““I have a toddler and 2 cats and wanted to switch to natural cleaning products. I LOVE these. They smell amazing and they clean just as well as the old chemicals I was using! I’m so glad I bought the starter kit and will continue using the refills. I love the glass bottles as well.””
Megan Verified Buyer
““These products have been life changing! I love the way my home smells. The bottles are so well made, packaging is a delight to open. I brag to everyone about how amazing these products are!””
Sobia Verified Buyer
““I love this product and the way my house smells!! After the first use I knew I would be ordering more. Very calming and clean smelling. I used chemicals before to clean and it was so awful and harsh. This is a game changer!I also love the frosted bottles and packaging, beautiful!””
April Verified Buyer
“I recently ordered the starter set and all I can say is WOW! The products are beautifully and sustainably packaged, smell AMAZING, and clean as well if not better than traditional products. I find myself seeking out chances to use them!! I’m hooked and will recommend to all my friends and family!”
Lola Verified Buyer
“From the packaging, to the natural ingredients, to the divine scents; cleaning is fun! Dirty windows? Sink? Tub? Floor? Counter?....I'm on it, because I LOVE these amazing sprays! Thank you for creating a win ~ win ~ win product for all ... those who use it, those we love who are exposed to it, and our planet!”
Lisa Verified Buyer
“I am in LOVE with these products! I am devoted to trying safer/cleaner options and this product works great. From the moment I opened the package, I felt I was getting something amazing. I love the packaging, love the glass bottles, love the have to try! I have tried a lot of brands (including essential oil based products) and this is by far my favorite!”
Terri Verified Buyer
“Unboxing Supernatural is an experience in itself, as the products are so gorgeously and thoughtfully packaged (in eco friendly materials). They smell wonderful and they actually work! I have been trying to eliminate all single use plastic in my life, which has meant making my own cleaning and personal products or finding a mindful alternative. Out of all the products I have tried I would call Supernatural the Ferrari of household cleaners. So far definitely the classiest and most powerful.”
Natalie Verified Buyer

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