The Counters + Granite Set is now available all on its own.

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Get started. <br>Discover the Counters + Granite Set:

Get started.
Discover the Counters + Granite Set:

the best selling star of our Starter Set, available solo for a limited time only

Reusable Glass Bottles

Buy our beautiful glass bottles once and use them forever. Switching to Supernatural means your home eliminates up to 16 pounds of plastic waste each year.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

Our earth-friendly packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials to reduce waste, plus we plant 2 trees for every one we source.

Just-Add-Water Concentrates

No toxic ingredients, no harsh chemical fumes. Concentrated, just-add-water formula means less weight to ship and fewer carbon emissions.
“This product is fantastic, especially for our granite island, where the kids do homework and eat snacks.”

– Kara, customer


Check out the beauty and power of Supernatural’s deliciously herbaceous formulas and ingredients made with plants, minerals and essential oils

"Absolute game-changer for house cleaning. Not only does Supernatural do an outstanding job cleaning my house, it leaves my home smelling amazing."

Tina, customer
"I have tried many natural products that were disappointing and ineffective. Supernatural works and smells beautiful."

Rob, customer
"Besides the fact that it cleans as well or better than expected, no other product has left me with such a clean fragrance with no headache to go with it! And the clean smell lingers until the next day!"

Tatiana, customer
"With two small children at home, I try to use the most natural products on the surfaces where they eat and play. This product is fantastic, especially for our granite island, where the kids do homework and eat snacks. Thank you for such an amazing product!!"

Mia, customer
"We just moved into our first home and this has been such a GIFT to have. With many guests coming over this has been one of the easiest ways to keep the house clean and leaves the MOST amazing smell. Love the concentrates and makes it so easy to keep stock at home!"

Dean, customer

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