Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle
Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle
Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle
Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle
Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle
Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle

Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle


The Supernatural Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle was created specifically to tune your mind and body with the natural antioxidant and energy balancing power of copper and blending it with your water. Whether you take it to your next yoga class or just to drink from around the house, your body will be absorbing the raw healing energy of ethically sourced copper.

About This Product


100% Copper (22 Gauge Plate)
100% Food Grade Safe Copper and Silicone Seal
8.66” Height, 2.83” Diameter, 8.862” Circumference
Holds 20oz of liquid


Copper is a known antioxidant, which means it fights off free radicals and negates their harmful effects. Copper is also known to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels and eliminate stress in our minds and bodies. By drinking at least one full bottle of water every day infused with the natural power of copper from the Supernatural Copper Bottle, you are aiding in your own longevity and healing the negative effects of possible copper deficiencies.

How it Works

Copper is infused into your water with the new Supernatural Copper Bottle and pairs with it on a molecular level, allowing it to be distributed throughout your body as you digest it. For best results, fill your bottle the night before, or six hours before drinking. Drink one full Supernatural Copper Bottle of water first thing in the morning, and 2-3 full copper bottles throughout the day. Replace with fresh water every evening.

Remember to fill with filtered water at room temperature - this means no juices, smoothies, coffee, or flavored water of any kind.

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Caring for the Copper Bottle.

As copper ages, it will naturally acquire a slight discoloration. This process can be sped up by not properly washing or drying your Copper Bottle. We also advise you to only use filtered water, as any other liquid could cause further discoloration to your Copper Bottle.

If you notice discoloration, do not be alarmed, it is how copper naturally ages.

How to Slow Oxidation and Discoloration

Copper will naturally discolor over time due to oxidation.

This process can be slowed by properly cleaning the Copper Bottle with soap and warm water, while thoroughly drying it with a cotton towel.

Be sure to always store your Copper Bottle in a cool, dry place to slow the effects of discoloration.

How To Clean

Gently wash your Copper Bottle with warm water and dish soap by hand or with a cotton towel.

Make sure to dry the Copper Bottle thoroughly with a cotton cloth after washing it with water. This can help to slow down the stain buildup on your copper vessel.

When not in use, always keep your Copper Bottle completely dry and always keep it in a cool, dry place.

Liquids to use

Please pay extra attention to avoid any acidic liquids, such as lemon water, coffee, juices, etc.

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