Supernatural Loyalty

Supernatural Loyalty

As a Supernatural Rewards member, you’ll earn exclusive discounts, offers, access to giveaways and more!

How it works

Earn Supernatural Rewards Points by buying products, following us on social media, and sharing with your friends. As you earn more points you’ll advance through our rewards tiers unlocking all sorts of savings and special offers.

Join Us

Sign up now and start collecting Supernatural Rewards points! You receive 250 points just for signing up.

Earn Rewards

Share with your friends and loved ones, liking social media posts, or even as you purchase products.


Every supernatural purchase means you can save more on the next by cashing in points for discounts at checkout.

Earn more, save more

The more points you build the more your tiers will unlock, each tier offers better discounts, special offers, and more points pere purchase. Start collecting points today just by signing up!

500 points = $5
1000 points = $10
2500 points = $25

Building Points Earn More, Save More

The more points you build the more your tiers will unlock, each tier offers better discounts, special offers, and more points per purchase. Start collecting points today just by signing up!

Join Rewards

The Tiers

As you elevate up in tiers, you will unlock exclusive offers and up to 15% more points per purchase! Tier requirements and offers are listed below.


1-1499 Points

5 Points per $1 Spent
$25 Friend Referral
500 Birthday Points


1500+ Points

10 Points per $1 Spent
$25 Friend Referral
1000 Birthday Points
50 Extra Points per Review
Early Access to New Products


Active Subscription Tier

15 Points per $1 Spent
$25 Friend Referral
1500 Birthday Points
250 Extra Points per Review
Early Access to New Products
Exclusive Promotions
Surprise Rewards

Reward Questions

What are Supernatural Rewards?

The Supernatural’s Rewards program is our way of showing appreciation for you, our community. Once you join you can start collecting points from activities like referring a friend or placing an order. You can then redeem the points for upcoming orders and special offers. The more points you receive, the more you will save.

How do I join?

All you need to do is sign up, and you will receive your first 250 points! Earning Supernatural Rewards points is as simple as that.

How do I earn Supernatural Rewards Points?

You can earn points from activities such as referring friends, following our social accounts, and placing orders.

For more ways to earn points, click here.

Please note that points collected from placing an order will appear in your account 30 days after the order date (this is to allow a period for returns).

How do I view my Supernatural Rewards point balance?

Sign in to see your point balance displayed under ‘Supernatural Rewards’ at the bottom of each page and in your Supernatural account dashboard.

How much are my Rewards points worth?

Every 100 points is equivalent to $1 off your next Supernatural order. You will receive 250 Points just for signing up!

How do I redeem my Supernatural Rewards points?

As you collect points, your account will unlock a slider at checkout offering a dollar amount going towards your purchase. It’s as simple as sliding to the amount of points you wish to use for each purchase during checkout! 

If you are on a mobile device, expand your “order summary” and a drop down to redeem points will appear. 

If you are checking out using Express Payment options (Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay) or the Subscription checkout , you will need to use reward vouchers that will be options while in your account depending on how many points you’ve acquired. You will select the “Get reward” button and then copy your discount code and paste into the discount box at checkout.

How do I refer a friend?

You can refer a friend by email or through social media. Once signed in, go to ‘Refer a Friend’ on your account dashboard and choose your preferred option so that they can start saving too. You'll receive a $25 credit (2,500 Rewards Points) for each friend that spends at least $50 on their first purchase.

How do I move between tiers?

By earning more Supernatural Rewards points you will unlock higher tiers offering better savings and exclusive offers.

You will start your journey in the ‘Magical’ Tier. For any orders placed from November 1, 2020 - current, your points have been retroactively added to your account.

Once you reach 1,500 Supernatural Rewards points you will unlock the ‘Mystical’ Tier.

You unlock the ‘Ethereal’ Tier’s exclusive rewards by having an active Subscription membership. If you have an active Subscription and your account does not show you in the Ethereal Tier, please make sure you have created an account, HERE, using the same email as your Subscription.

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