11 Indoor Plants to Grow With You

Plants are a great way to bring some life into your home, and if you’re anything like me they can quickly become a big part of your family. Not only do they bring joy in all the different shapes, sizes and colors but most of them also purify the air. Plants are a great way to elevate a healthier living space for you and your family, so start building your own personal forest now, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with your home quickly becoming a jungle!

1. Pothos

Definitely by far the easiest house plant to take care of, especially if you forget to water your plants on a regular schedule. Pothos are very forgiving and are naturally joyous plants. Hang them up high and let their beautiful vines drape to the floor, be careful with cats around though, they love to swat at them like a ball of yarn.

2. Snake Plant

Sometimes called a “Mother-in-law’s Tongue” for their sharp appearance (hah). These beautiful plants do well in low light, and don't need much water. Biggest cause of death is over watering so it’s sometimes better to forget about this plant than to over love it. They’re also great for filtering out the air in your home so have a few of these placed throughout your home to help you breathe easier!

3. Chinese Money Plant

Also known as lefse plant, missionary plant, UFO plant. Pilea peperomioides is most frequently called a Chinese Money Plant. It is native to the Yunnan Province of China. Pilea is slow to propagate, and most nurseries don’t carry them. Your best bet is to find someone willing to share their cuttings in person. They take a bit more attention but are such a wonderful plant to have on your dining or coffee table. Legend has it, they bring great fortune! Hence their nickname.

4. African Violet

One of the most popular houseplants for generations. It blooms multiple times a year. African violets will bloom with lower light, though medium to bright indirect light is best. They’re considered to be a fussier plant and will require more attention and a stricter watering schedule, but they become abundantly worth the extra work for their beautifully vibrant blooms!

5. Spider Plant

Rapidly grows little babies that you can repot to make more spider plants! They love the sun so place them near a window that gets a lot of light. This wonderful little plant looks much more charming than its name, they look more like green fireworks than they do creepy spiders. You will love watering this beautiful little plant, it has a lot of character. This plant is a favorite among cats (to play with AND eat) so be sure to hang them up high.

6. Peace Lily

Can survive in low light, blooms with more light, purifies the air. These beautiful plants are typically considered easier to care for making them great gifts for friends and family, even if they are typically considered a funerary plant. If you can move past their common use with death, they actually bring a lot of life to your home. Their large white blooms are always such a joy to experience.

7. Rubber Plant

Thrives in bright indirect light, these beautiful plants are actually trees and there's a famous song about rubber plants called High Hopes by Frank Sinatra. In the right conditions they can grow up to 15 meters (or 50ft) tall! They prefer bright indirect light, and they can be a bit finicky so you will have to keep an eye on them as they grow with you.

8. Christmas Cactus

Popular around the holidays because that's when it blooms beautiful flowers. Unlike many other cacti, Christmas cacti and their relatives don’t live in arid environments. Their natural habitat is in the rainforests of Brazil! In other words, they prefer a humid climate, not a dry one, so it’s important to water these cacti more regularly than most succulents.

9. Corn Plant

AKA Dracaena, thrive in neglectful conditions and a very popular house and office plant. They are notoriously hard to kill so be sure to gift this plant to a friend who claims to have no green thumb! Even though they are tough plants, they still have a great vibe about them. They look great on counters or corners of the living room.

10. Parlor Palm

Can grow big and tall if you'd like a show stopper in your home. Bring the tropics indoors with a Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans). Where many types of palms don’t grow well indoors, Parlor Palms thrive and are considered low-maintenance and hardy houseplants. They look tropical and can bring some lush vibrancy to your living room!

11. Boston Fern

Loves humidity, can handle low light and mild temp fluctuations. Could make for a good plant in your bathroom for all those reasons. Boston ferns are attractive specimens with long, graceful fronds bedecked with tiny leaves. It is a relatively tough, easy to propagate fern that has a higher tolerance for light and dry conditions than other species. An added bonus is that Boston ferns can be displayed in any number of ways, including on pedestals, in hanging baskets, as part of a grouping, or as lush specimen plants on the right windowsill.

A plant can really tie a room together and will give us a purpose while we’re locked in!
Don’t forget to share with us on social media some of your favorite plants, I’m always looking for inspiration for my next green friend. Thanks, and take care out there.

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