3 healthy habits you can start forming right now

Does it feel like all the days are blending together right now? If so, remember that all this open time is the perfect chance to start building some new healthy habits.

Self-care rituals can add structure to your day while improving your quality of life. Studies show it only takes 18 days for a new habit to form, so start now and look forward to a more fulfilling future.

Clean up

Physical clutter can prompt mental anxiety — not to mention all the dust and dirt that build up when you don’t clean for a while! Grab a microfiber cloth and your favorite Supernatural concentrate and get to scrubbing and polishing.

Supernatural’s earth-friendly packaging and natural ingredients help leave the earth (and your mental space) better than you found it, and the pure essential oils invigorate the air with fresh scents. Now you can relish the peaceful atmosphere of your sparkling sanctuary.

Take a breath

Aromatherapy promotes health and wellbeing, and you can inhale a mystical breath whenever you like with Supernatural’s essential oil blends.

Choose from Expanding, Refreshing, Renewing, and Nourishing, then pop these high-vibrational oils into a diffuser and let the fragrance work its magic. Among its many benefits, aromatherapy is said to manage pain, help you sleep easier, reduce stress, and boost immunity.

Get Active

A huge part of being healthy right now is maintaining a strong immune system. You’ve been dreading it all quarantine, but now is the time to start exercising!

It doesn’t matter if you choose an activity that’s mildly aerobic (like taking a stroll around the neighborhood) or one that leaves you red-faced and panting (say, a dance party in your living room) — all movement is good when it comes to strengthening your muscles, heart, bones, mood, and mental wellbeing.

The best part is that some of these habits can be combined with each other! Diffuse essential oils while you’re practicing yoga, or blast some fun music while you’re cleaning to turn the chore into a fun dance break. Our health is sacred, and it deserves to be nourished whenever possible.

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