4 Quick Tips for a Healthier home Office

We’ve been stuck inside for months, and if you're like me, healthy rituals have become a priority to keeping sane while working from home. Here are some tips I’ve gathered that have helped me live in a healthier home office!

1. Growing With Your Office

Elevating your space with some living plants is a game changer. Some take extra work to keep alive, but there are plenty of beautiful plants that are made to survive lowlight, low water conditions. Whatever you choose, the results are absolutely worth it. Taking care of your green friends will relax your mind and their lush presence inspires creativity. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many, but a couple in your office will make a big difference in your workflow, especially plants like the Snake Plant which can help filter the air you’re breathing! A lot of other articles will tell you to avoid Cacti, but I disagree. I think cacti are a great reminder that we can make it through hard times and still be beautiful! Furnish your home office with whatever plants bring you joy!

2. Keep a clear mind

Having a clean desk and room is important for your physical and mental health. Don’t just shove the mess to the side so it looks clean for your Zoom calls! Take some time early in the morning to really clean up your space, you’ll feel more motivated to tackle your projects for the day. Doing a quick pick-up is great for busy weeks, but be sure to take some time to do a deep clean, like mopping your floors. Give your desk a wipe-down, and clean your windows so the view is crisp and clear. You’ll thank yourself for the healthy environment as you tackle your to-do lists.

3. A body in motion

You should make sure to be moving around throughout the day, sitting in one place for too long is not healthy. So get up and knock out some easy cleaning, put on some good music and dance for a couple minutes to shake off any stress that may be building up. Keeping your body active will keep your mind active! What works best for me is to get up after a 2 hour sitting session and go complete other daily chores for at least 10 minutes, it really helps to move any frustration I might find myself getting stuck in.

4. The smell of success

Using aromatherapy is great for shifting the mood in your office. There are plenty of essential oils that are wonderful for keeping your mind buzzing with energy like Lemon, Grapefruit, and other Citrus’. If you need something to relax your body, try soft and grounding scents like Lavender or Palo Santo. Be sure to avoid chemical fragrances, while you may like them, your body knows the difference and can hinder more than they help you. Stick to all natural essential oils, your body will be grateful for it!



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