Earth-Loving Products

Sustainability is expected. All companies have (or they should have) started the slow push towards a healthier planet by creating more Earth-friendly products and packaging. It’s the low bar of expectations when it comes to our mass consumer world.

However, in this exploration, luxury and sustainability seem to have been separated. The idea that you have to sacrifice the good things in life just to save the earth. We believe there is a balance that can be found, just as it is in nature. Effective, beautiful, and natural. Working together to truly live. That’s why at Supernatural we have taken the aesthetics of design, function, and feeling to the forefront of our conscious creations. We expect the new bar being set to be one of luxury and divine experience married with sustainability. We can create something that is beautiful, effective, and good for the earth. Because a world worth saving should first be a world worth living in.

Romance the earth while loving yourself. That’s what can make the human experience so divine. We choose to live in a dance with nature and human creation. What better ode to our planet than to craft something out of love and passion and still be sustainable?

Supernatural is reusable first and foremost, the era of single-use products is coming to an end (and rightfully so). It no longer serves the health of our precious planet. The reusable revolution is happening all around us, by consciously choosing what we buy and how we use it. The need to clean your home, or moisturize your hands, or even drink your water can become an elegant conscious ritual of love and natural harmony. Don’t deprive yourself of modern luxuries just to save the planet. Live in luxury and romance your life by working with companies whose mission is sustainability and a drive to craft elegance into the heart of the experience in your daily rituals.

A world worth saving should first be a world worth living in.

Hug the planet back and thank you for reading!

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