Essential Oil Hack: How to Deep Clean Your Wooden Utensils

Hello there, friends! It's Cassie from Supernatural, and I'm thrilled to share my latest eco-friendly home ritual with you. Today, I'm walking you through the steps I took to sanitize and nourish my wooden kitchenware. If you're a fan of visuals, you'll love the video tutorial we've put together here,but if you're up for a read, keep scrolling!

Getting Started: Preparing My Tools

Before diving into the process, I washed and dried my wooden cutting board and utensils. I love the feeling of starting fresh, and having clean tools ensured that I was ready to begin.

My Sanitizing Blend: Creating a Refreshing Spray

Next, I whipped up a sanitizing mixture to spray onto my cutting board. The spray didn't just sanitize; it also infused the air with a gentle, uplifting aroma, turning my kitchen into a sensory haven.

The Soak: Giving My Utensils a Deep Clean

My wooden utensils, however, needed a different kind of care. I filled a large vase with equal parts vinegar and boiling water, adding about two tablespoons of baking soda. I let my utensils take a soothing dip in this cleansing soak, imagining them shedding all the bacteria and dirt.

Wood Butter

Melting the Magic: Crafting 'Wood Butter'

While my utensils were soaking, I melted some coconut oil and beeswax in a Mason jar, creating a nurturing 'wood butter'. This blend would provide the much-needed conditioning to my wooden tools, restoring their shine and extending their life.

The Rinse: A Clean Start

After about ten minutes of soaking, I rinsed and dried my cutting board, feeling its clean and smooth surface. I allowed my utensils to enjoy their soak for a bit longer - 20 to 30 minutes seemed right. After their extended soak, I rinsed and dried them too.

Massaging the Goodness: Applying the 'Wood Butter'

Now came the part I'd been excitedly waiting for - massaging the wood butter into each of my wooden kitchen items. I let them bask in this nourishing goodness overnight, dreaming of their renewed vitality.

The Final Touch: Wipe and Shine

The next morning, I wiped off the excess wood butter. My kitchen tools were now not just sanitized but also revitalized, radiant, and ready for my next cooking adventure.

In this conscious epicurean journey, I've realized that these rituals are about so much more than just cleaning. They're about forming a connection with the environment, honoring the materials we use daily, and transforming ordinary routines into extraordinary experiences.

Stay tuned for more personal tips and tricks from me and the Supernatural team on how to turn everyday routines into lush, eco-friendly experiences. Until next time, remember to find the extraordinary in your everyday!

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