Harness the Energy of an August Moon

The full moon has long held a supernatural place in popular culture, with many diverse groups drawing power from its intense lunar energy.

But you don’t have to be a werewolf or a witch to feel the full moon’s strength — your everyday life can be impacted by the event if you know what to tune into.

what is a full moon?

The first full moon of this month is August 3 (the cycle completes once every 29 days or so). The sun’s rays reflect off the moon’s surface, fully illuminating it, and that energy can last for about three days before and three days after the big event.

August’s full moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon, and is meant as a time to think about when you might have surprised yourself during the last month with your own strength.

What does this lunar stage mean?

It’s an ideal time to see things clearly in your life, to re-evaluate relationships and projects you may have been investing time and emotion in and determine if they’re still working for you. If not, a full moon is the perfect time to shed anything that doesn’t feel right, and turn your energy toward something new.

You’ll also want to tie up loose ends, as the full moon is a time of culmination. In work, at home, and in relationships: don’t leave anything hanging. You’ll want to enter the next cycle unencumbered and free to pursue new opportunities.

If this sounds like the perfect time to tidy up and clean your sacred space, you’d be right. Purify your sanctuary and rid it of any lingering messes, and make sure surfaces are cleared of clutter.

What shouldn’t I do during a full moon?

Don’t start something new or make any life-changing decisions. There are better times in the cycles in which to do this — remember that full moons are for completion.

What should I do during a full moon?

Any acts of reflection and release. Think about what you have accomplished recently, and identify what is no longer needed in your life. Formally let it go with a verbal “I release you” or “thank you for what you’ve taught me.”

Many people rely on crystals to harness the moon’s power, and now is the perfect time to recharge them. Place your depleted crystals outside on the night of the event and let them absorb the light.

A truly cosmic way to connect to the full moon is with a lunar bath. As the moon controls our oceans, submerging yourself in water is an especially powerful way to rejuvenate. It doesn’t matter if you take a dip in a swimming pool, lake, or even your own bathtub — just the simple ask of restoring yourself in these elements will work its magic.

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