Rituals for
the New Moon

Feeling ready to tackle something new? It’s not coincidence, but a celestial force nudging you toward brighter and braver paths.

Prepare for the new moon that’s happening on August 19 with clear intentions and an attitude focused on alignment — you’ll be glad you did.

What is the new moon?

The new moon is the start of a new lunar cycle, bringing with it an encouragement of new beginnings and fresh starts. You might unconsciously feel this, but deliberately welcoming in this energy could translate into even bigger goals and more radical life changes.

What does this lunar stage mean?

While the full moon was for self-reflection and closing chapters, the new moon is for looking ahead. This is the ideal time to start a project, make a big move, or change jobs. Be specific in what goal you’d like to achieve — not only does that clear a path for your intentions in the universe, but it helps keep you focused on where you’d like to end up.

What should I do during the new moon?

The new moon is the darkest night of the month — it’s when the sun shines behind the moon — so create a spark in your life by lighting a candle. By brightening the way, you can see more clearly the direction you might want to take. Be sure to hold the candle as you light it, thinking about the intention you wish you manifest.

Now is also a glorious time to make a list, and literally map out the actions you will take to achieve your goal. You can also plan out the scenario you wish to see become reality, listing in detail what your life will look like in that desired situation.

What shouldn’t I do during the new moon?

Remember that this is a time to be open and inviting to whatever the universe wants to send your way, so don’t decline invitations or avoid meeting new people. Trust in the lessons these people and experiences might teach us, or the opportunities they could be bringing with them.

As you direct your focus to the new and exciting, don’t get bogged down with anything that drains your energy. Whether that’s a coworker that demands all your attention or a situation that requires a lot of redos, avoid getting trapped. The new moon’s energy is a special boost, and you don’t want anything slowing you down or stopping your progress.

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