Supernatural’s ‘Dance Yourself Clean’ Playlist: Music to help you throw it down
while you’re pickin’ up!

Growing up in my household meant every sunday you were expected to help clean-up the home. You woke up early Sunday morning to the invigorating smell of pancakes and raced downstairs to make sure you got chocolate chips added. After breakfast was finished, Mom gave out a checklist to each of us, and set up the stereo.

“Proud Mary” by CCR would come blasting through the speakers and we all set off to tackle our chores. It was a family event, an important ritual to keep our home fun and full of love. Of course you never wanted to get the job cleaning the toilets, but it rotated out and you knew next week it was your brother’s job. The music was the most memorable part for me, it inspired me to get in a good work flow. The louder the speakers blared, the harder I worked as my butt popped in rhythm.

I still do Sunday clean-up to this day, this time with a family of my own. The music’s changed a bit, but CCR still finds its way into our playlist. It’s an honor to my Mother and the healthy habit she instilled in us. You’ve got to clean up your home to have fun, and you can shake your butt while you do it!

So check out Supernatural’s weekend cleanup playlist for you and your family, get in the groove and get that home clean! Just be sure to switch up who cleans the bathroom each week.

Rock on!

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