Supernatural Spotlight Sweet Orange

Orange fruit's sparkling energy makes us happy, it’s as simple a fruit as that. Whether it be its bright, sunny color, or the crisply sweet tangy taste, oranges inspire love and happy feelings! Oranges are a fruit of many blessings, offering us refreshment to quench our thirst, nourishment to motivate our souls, and bursting flavor that excites our senses and awakens our hearts.

We’re going to look at the physical and metaphysical loving energy that oranges produce in us. They have been long appreciated by not only our modern world, but our ancestors as well. It’s no wonder why there are so many cartoons of happy oranges bursting with joy!

Like many of our beloved sweet fruits today, oranges had a humble, and bitter, beginning where the fruit tree first bloomed in the region of modern-day Southeast China. Small, sour and nearly inedible, the wild orange was never quite cut out for human taste buds. So we’re not sure if it was the color that attracted the first orange breeder, or if they had seen sweet potential. Whatever the case was, we’re grateful, because it’s how we got the sweet orange.

Living with Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange oil has been studied for its strong antimicrobial properties compared to several antibiotics. It appears to be more effective than lemon oil as an antibacterial and antifungal. Limonene is the main antimicrobial active ingredient. Limonene exhibits anti-stress activity (by inducing the release of the hormone dopamine) and even a strong correlation with anti-inflammatory effects. Cleaning with this oil infuses these wonderful properties into our living spaces, aiding us in not only it’s loving energy, but can help to keep our homes free of harmful microbes and pathogens.

Loving with Sweet Orange

The aroma of sweet orange oil has a marked anti-anxiety effect in humans. Orange oil is even a major component of the famous eau de cologne. We have the potential to calm our minds and excite the creativity within us while in the misting air of Sweet Orange oil essences. It only seems more beneficial to us that we can infuse this powerful and calming essence into our homes, helping us to relax in our most sacred spaces.

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