The 7 Most Supernatural Forests in the US

In honor of National Forest Week, Supernatural is exploring some of America’s most treasured natural lands. Our national forests and parks are world-renowned for their beauty and mystique, covering vast distances with raw untamed life and high vibrational energies. Whether we visit to relax by the fire with friends and family or challenge ourselves to a day hike, our forests were protected to provide us space for getting back into a deep communion with nature. Here are some of our favorite spots to recharge an adventurous heart!

1. Sequoia National Park

An unforgettable hike with the giants, Sequoia National Park is a reminder of our own short span here compared to these ancient goliaths. Walking in a forest with trees well over 1,500 years old is a testament to the awesome potential of the natural world and its importance to the story of our home here on earth. Be sure to visit the towering General Sherman Tree or take the rewarding hike up to Moro rock and get an elevated view of this wonderous forest.

2. Tongass National Forest

America’s largest national forest is currently under threat of overlogging and a constant reminder of our vigilance to keep these untamed lands free from exploitation. Covering a span of almost 17 million acres, this forest is home to a vast amount of wildlife and the nurturing ancient forests. Take the time to visit sites like Pack Creek or Fish Creek to watch the majestic Brown Bears hunt for food, or rent a cabin and reestablish your connection to the natural world.

3. Willamette National Forest (Oregon)

The enchantment of this National Forest lies in its venerable collapsed volcano lake, Crater Lake. A place of worship and high vibrations, crater lake and the surrounding forests buzz with raw energy. The second deepest lake in America was formed by the explosive collapse of a volcano witnessed by the Native Americans almost 7,700 years ago. An island, notably called Wizard Island, sits in the western edge of the deep lake. Day tours by boat are a must, to get the full experience of this magical forest.

4. El Yunque Forest
(Puerto Rico)

El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest in the United states, and while some may argue that Puerto Rico is not technically a state, we feel this territory is important to include as the inhabitants of Puerto Rico are, in fact, American Citizens. This National forest covers 65,000 acres and is home to the Coqui, a symbolically significant frog to the locals of Puerto Rico. Cleanse yourself under El Yunque’s many waterfalls or take a kayak through the magical Bio Bay for something a bit off the beaten path.

5. Petrified Forest

Ok, so this isn’t a traditional forest, but the magic here is undeniable. Take a hike through the Painted Desert and be sure to snap some photos of the radiant badlands and their petrified forests. Moments here can feel like you’re walking on an alien world, as you connect to the ancient inhabitants that built their pueblos and ritual ceremony pits around 5,000 years ago. Fossils are abundant (but be sure to leave them here for everyone to enjoy!) , and stunning skeletons of ancient forests and dinosaurs are found all over this National Park. Be sure to get a Wilderness Hiking Permit if you plan to stay awhile!

6. Glacier National Park

Tucked away in northwestern Montana, Glacier National Park has been an inspiration and heart to many of the world's famous landscape artists. Glacier’s divine terrain is enchanted by its large mountains and deep valleys covered in forests and lakes. Meditation next to the calm waters at the edge of her forests is a must for ultimate relaxation. Whether you find your inner peace while fly-fishing in the abundant waters or hiking up her challenging scenic trails, there is much to be experienced here to question the city's exhausting hustle.

7. Hoh Rainforest (Washington)

Known as a temperate rainforest, of which there are a few throughout Washington and Alaska. Hoh Rainforest is protected from commercial exploitation, and for good reason. A walk through this enraptured forest will take you back to your astral roots, even in the rain, you’ll find yourself slogging through the mud of the forest at peace and with a smile on your face. There are countless short trails to give you a feel of the ecosystem without damaging any of the local wildlife.

We hope reading about these amazing forests inspires a visit for reconnection with mother nature and her wild untamed beauty. Supernatural is committed to helping our forests by planting 10 trees for every purchase of the Supernatural Starter kit till July 19th (after it’ll still be 2 trees planted with every purchase!). It’s also important to us to keep our forests and water systems clean by creating Reusable products to replace one-use plastics, while recycling is great, it’s still not enough and we need to limit our trash together to keep our lands beautiful and free of waste. Let’s help to keep our forests Supernatural!

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