The Whole[some] Package

You don’t have to sacrifice elegance, experience, art, poetry, or luxury to be earth-friendly.

From its very conception, Supernatural took the sustainability of our plant to heart but decided to take it even further. We create our products to expand the experience of what a natural company can be. You don’t need to remove the good vibes and aesthetic of a beautiful experience just for your products to be sustainable. With Supernatural, we believe you can have it all.

The experience of unpacking a product isn’t just another thing to throw away, that feels just as wasteful as using plastic. So the homes we built for our products to be shipped in, is also taken into conscious consideration. Supernatural opens with you, into a new world of exquisite experiences and intimate rituals. The smooth earth-loving design of our cardboard was specifically sourced to feel pleasing to the touch and remain recyclable. It felt important to us, and we know that experience will transmute through with your every order of Supernatural.

We chose glass for our natural cleaning products because it’s durable, beautiful in design, and best of all reusable. Working with plastic felt antithetical to our super natural and super sustainable approach. With glass we can mold and shape into an aesthetically pleasing and effective design. Glass also has the benefits of being an easy material to recycle, so even after a long life of use, if the need to dispose of it comes up, the earth won’t be affected in a negative way.

Supernatural changes the experience. We believe you can have it all by delicately and consciously creating out of passion for the earth and from the earth. Our products and packaging are poetic odes to the master of all designers, mother nature herself. Reducing waste takes a careful approach, but to then craft an aesthetic that feels good... takes finesse. Because we take so much care in designing our products to be earth-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, it only felt natural to do the same for our packaging.

When we designed our new Supernatural Powdered Handsoap for instance, we continued our success in sustainability by crafting a sleek reusable aluminum shaker. The Supernatural Handsoap shaker is extremely durable and feels good in your hands. The powdered hand soap is created out of natural elements that have a purpose, those same elements were brought into the experience of the packaging as well. When it comes to your hands, the entire experience is worth a special touch and attention to detail.

We extend an opportunity with your next Supernatural order, as you open your Supernatural box take note of the experience and share with us how it made you feel! Your feedback is invaluable and helps us to keep crafting unique experiences, we believe that those experiences are what makes living our lives so important to the driving progress in art, nature, products, and most importantly self love.

Live in luxury! Thank you for you reading

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