The Winter Solstice An Invitation for Pause

As the days become shorter and time seems to be slipping between the cracks of our fingers, we are descending into the darkest part of the year. We are almost empty, almost at the bottom of this calendar year. In the depths of us emptying we are given a chance to pause.

Winter Solstice which falls on December 21st, 2021 is our opportunity for the sun to stand still. The completion of the solar year.

A chance for us to slip into our own cave of darkness.

Between every breath we are given the chance to pause. With the pause comes a time for reflection, recalibration, awareness, and guidance on where to go next. Before we can rush to the next thing, scroll to the next piece of content, consume more than what we need we are offered a gift of pause, a chance to stand still and observe.

Can we revel in the pause?
Can we appreciate the moments in between where we are and what’s happening next?
Can we find our breath within the chaos of the holiday season?

Taking a look at your day and finding where we can invite pause and reflection in the in-between moments, whether you are standing in line, waiting in traffic, hustling through an airport - can you invite yourself to pause.

Here are some of my favorite ways to invite pause and take spaciousness within my day.

  1. Find a moment in nature to connect with your body and breath. Whether you are on a walk or just driving in the car, find something to gaze towards and take a deep breath in and out.
  2. Spend time in the darkness, whether meditating or reading by candlelight. Give your eyes a break to switch off from artificial light.
  3. Lighting my own inner fire doing creative projects or simply putting together a puzzle.

May you relish in the pause of darkness. Wherever the darkness finds you this time of year, know and trust that the light will always return.

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