Tips for Relaxation

Fully allowing ourselves to relax can be tough, especially during these uncertain times. It’s crucial to our health to keep our stress levels down. Even if everyone is locked inside, tensions are high, so be sure to take time to yourself and soak in some good vibes, our hearts and souls need it! Here are some quick tips you can do right now to ease your stress levels.

Take a Deep Breath

Feel into yourself for a moment, is your chest tight? Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath, blow it out slowly. You feel an immediate change to your mental space don’t you? Your blood pressure is already dropping and your body is loosening its grip.

Breath work is crucial to relaxation, it’s one of the primary components to a daily meditation practice or the most effective tool to get through your yoga routine. Your breath is powerful and sacred and the best tool you have to calm your mind and ease the tension in your body. Take some moments after reading this and just close your eyes and do 5 slow deep breaths and exhale slowly. It’s a short quick practice to center your body and mind. The best part is, is it’s free and you can do it anytime the stress starts building.

If you’re at home and on a zoom call like me, just mute your audio and stop your video and breathe through 5 min of the meeting. One of the best benefits of working from home!

Meditate for a Moment

What if you could do something early in the morning that would make you good for the rest of the day? Everything and everyone else just becomes a +1 because you’re already good, you’re taken care of.

That’s meditation.

Now that you’ve been practicing your breath, pairing it with meditation will set your day off on the right foot. You’ll find your center, your happy place and whatever happens to you you’ve already been taken care of. Your moment spent with yourself early in the morning is the best way to remain relaxed for the rest of the day. If you’ve never tried meditation before, you’ll feel silly, but just push through it. Start with a short 5 minutes, in a few months it will become your favorite moment of the day! It’s how we evolve together.

Clean Your Space

I know, we’ve said this in nearly every article. The truth is there though and cleaning your space will ease your tension, there are countless studies showing that a clean home will keep your stress levels low and depression out of its nest.

Also, we are a company that happens to sell a great reusable cleaning product, so it helps to add it in every chance we can.

Don’t take our word for it though, browse the internet about how cleaning helps, or just give it a try. Start with something small like those dishes you said you’d get to last night. You don’t have to spend the whole day cleaning, just pick up some things here and there as you go about your day, your place will be spotless before you know it and a healthy habit will be forming. Sitting down after a good cleaning session will be a rewarding high, so keep your space clean to keep your mind free of extra tension.

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