Why Our Glass Bottles are a Game Changer

When Suzy Batiz started Supernatural she had a lot of goals she wanted to take head on. Helping change habits that benefit the earth was one of the primary focuses. She saw a desire, in not only herself but her friends and family as well, of wanting to be and actively changing to be more conscious about how they were consuming products. Recycling was a great step when it started in the 70’s but it’s time to push our evolution again. Reusability is coming back in force, and companies in many different industries are abandoning the more profitable but dangerous single-use planned obsolescence and instead making products that stand up to the test of time and the wear and tear of constant use.

That’s why our Glass bottles are a game changer! We took the concept of reusability and functionality and gave it new life. We designed our Glass bottles to look just as great as they feel to use. We were tired of the new wave of sacrificing aesthetics and looks for functionality, and while that served its purpose to kick-off the movement, what’s going to keep that movement going is making it look good while it kicks ass too!

We also noticed a disturbing trend of using parts that are not recyclable. Companies were making them to last so it seemed unnecessary to them to make parts of it non-recyclable to save money. We took that concept and turned it on its head, all of the parts of our sprayers and bottles are not only designed to stand the test of time, but if something unfortunate does happen to the bottle then you won’t have to worry about adding to the landfill, all our parts are recyclable too!

In the age of fully electric vehicles and instant paperless worldwide communication we need to be building products that last. It’s time for a reusable revolution! The less that we throw away the more we are helping our planet survive the transition of our habits. It may seem like a small step by using a glass bottle, but all those steps add up when we’re taking them together. Let’s just keep doing our part and help inspire our friends and loved ones in taking those steps too!

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