Your astrological forecast Finding Our Way Through The Fire Of Leo Season

As we find our way through the fire of Leo season we are greeted with another turning of the season into August. August holds for us the fire of Leo, yes of course, and more opportunity to acknowledge the earth again.

With a total of seven planets finding themself retrograde this month offers clarity to see through the fire, the emotional, and spiritual bodies and into the physical body here on planet earth.

There are things we haven’t been able to see clearly unless we pause to look at the subtle parts of them.

Retrograde only appears to be moving backwards from earth. How can we shift our perception to see that things are moving exactly as they should be when we find stillness within?

With a full house of retrograde we are making way towards the full moon on August 11th. This moon in Aquarius offers up ways to see what is holding us back from innovating ourselves in a new light and way. The things of the past need to be alchemized in order for us to go forward on an individual and collective level. Aquarius is forward thinking about the masses. Stay attuned to the frequencies, messages, and collective energies during this time as they are a window into our own personal journey.

Virgo season welcomes us at the end of the month with the energy of tending. Beginning August 23rd, 2022 the sun enters into the sign of Virgo. Virgo shows up with the energetic stamina to tend to things in our lives. Tending to our needs however they are showing up for you at this moment in time. Tending to our spaces and using ritual to create harmony and balance in our day to day life. This enables us to show up intentionally and with great harmony for the way we navigate through the world around us.

Here are some important dates to remember for the month of August:

August 4th: Mercury enters Virgo
August 11th: Venus enters Leo
August 11th: Full Moon in Aquarius
August 20th Mars enters Gemini
August 22nd: Sun enters Virgo
August 27th: New Moon in Virgo

Perhaps that is the perfect place that August always astrologically leads us to. Noticing where we can tidy up to create more ease, embrace, and fulfillment going forward in time. A beautiful way to wind down from the summer swing and begin to energetically prepare for the months to come.

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