I created Supernatural after I started to look at the labels, and I realized not everything was as natural as I thought it was... Harsh chemicals that are harmful to the planet and our bodies, gratuitous plastic parts that can’t be recycled, and billions of pounds of water being shipped around the world unnecessarily.

I knew I needed to create something different: all-natural cleaning products that are sustainably sourced, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, that smell unbelievably amazing. Oh! And that actually work better than conventional cleaning products.

From there we began to create luxury lifestyle goods that live up to the same elevated experience and sustainability as our natural cleaners. As we move forward with Supernatural, we will be creating products that have had every detail, design, and purpose thought through. A Supernatural experience you will love to touch, smell, and bring into your curated life’s rituals.

Welcome to Supernatural. We’re so glad you're here.


Suzy Batiz, Creator & CEO


Romance the world with extraordinary experiences in unexpected places, all while loving our bodies and the planet.

Elevate Everyday Rituals

We want you to deepen the relationship with yourself, your home, and the Earth.

Indulge in consciously crafted products that make your daily routines an extrasensory experience.

Indulge in Mother Nature

You can “have it all”, without compromising your health or harming the planet.

We bring you the Earth’s most decadent and nourishing botanicals, minerals and essential oils.

Sustainablity is Expected

Our refill structure keeps our carbon footprint among the lowest in the industry.

Any potential emissions are offset by planting two trees for every starter set sold.

As Seen In:
““The scents of these cleaning oils are amazing. I like that my home doesn’t smell like everyone else’s. You can smell the fresh, clean difference with hints of forest and nature. Best of all, they're non-toxic and I feel great cleaning around my children! It’s worth the price!””
““The Starter Set is perfect to get started with Supernatural. It has everything you need, the bottles are so beautiful and well made and the concentrates are so earthy and delicious! I can feel the energy in my home become lighter from cleaning with these products.””
““Truly a product that is kind to Mother-earth & Motherhood. The aromas linger far beyond the clean-ups. It is a joy to pick up this Supernatural bottle and get supernatural results!””

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An Extrasensory Experience

Starter Sets

Start here to experience the pleasure of cleaning with nature's luxurious aromas and most effective cleansing ingredients.

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Expand Your Senses

Essential Oils

Wrap your body in these extrasensory and consciously curated essential oils, an aromatherapeutic experience.

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Make it a Ritual

Homecare and Refills

Replenish your reusable sets with concentrates derived entirely from plants, minerals, and essential oils.

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Purify your Body & Home


There's life beyond cleaning, expand your rituals with hand-crafted products that bring wellness to all of your experiences.

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