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Here at Supernatural, we’re starting something radical, and you’re along for the journey. Our Conscious Concentrates are sustainably crafted with therapeutic-grade essential oils. You get the good stuff, nothing else. We’re natural and strong, like you — and we never fake it (ever). Neither should you. We’ve stripped down each product to the bare essentials, so you can, too.

By choosing Supernatural, you’re also helping to reduce wasteful packaging, fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We use the bare minimum when it comes to packaging and water. We strive for zero waste in all we do. Every product and decision is made with intention and a commitment to our values. With Supernatural, you can have a clean house — and a clear conscience.


We believe a clean house helps create a clear mind. Your to-do list may never stop growing. Your beloveds will always need your superpowers. And the world will keep trying to dull your sparkle. That’s why we want to help you rethink “clean” and reconnect with your true self.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. You are a divine being. Your home is your temple. Your sanctuary. Your sacred space.

What if cleaning wasn’t a chore? What if it was a joyous, time-honored ritual that created space for what matters in your life?

So, what if you didn’t see cleaning as a chore? What if it was a joyous, time-honored ritual that created space for what matters in your life? It could uplift you, allow you to peel back the layers and start fresh, to discover the true nature of all that surrounds you. This energetic shift could let you tune out the static and clear the clutter of the outside world. Each time you mix, move and groove, you get closer to your true self — and your best life.


We see cleaning as a luxurious, transformative, even sensual experience that allows you to reconnect with the elements, the building blocks of nature and of all matter. Cleaning is an act of shifting energy and making space. The routine of cleaning helps you re-establish harmony with your environment, highlighting the relationships between us and our surroundings. The same elements found in nature are found in each of us. What exists in the world also exists in our mind, body and spirit. Each swipe of a cloth, each pass of a broom and each swirl of a mop reminds us that life is a cycle, that everything is connected, that love is everywhere.


There’s sacred in the mundane. Profound in the commonplace. Beauty in the dirt.

As the saying goes: No mud, no lotus.

That is, with all beauty, joy and love comes a little (or a lot of) dirt and dust.

If the secret to happiness is to embrace the good, the bad and the dirty, then why not start with the very act of cleaning — and your cleaning products. 

We’re changing both, one eco-friendly and biodegradable Conscious Concentrate at a time.

With Supernatural, chores become rituals. Housework, a sacrament. Messes, a practice.


Supernatural honors the infinite wisdom of nature that each of us carries within. Our products are concentrated, like the very essence of your being. When combined with water, each one unleashes its Supernatural power, one surface at a time.

Crafted with integrity and love — and a commitment to sustainability and zero waste — you simply mix each Conscious Concentrate with filtered water, give it a shake and start your routine.

Inhale deeply — each concentrate is sustainably crafted with therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Then strip down, bare your true self and start cleaning.

Anoint your temple with these pure botanical elixirs. Through this sacred act, find space to move, groove and have some fun. Free your spirit. Find play in the everyday. Celebrate life! Open the windows. Pull back the curtains. Dance like no one’s watching… maybe wearing just socks or a sexy pair of underwear.


This isn’t cleaning.

It’s transformation.

It’s Supernatural.

Ready to mix, move and groove?

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