Crafting Your Own Essential Oil Reed Diffusers A Supernatural DIY

Essential oils work wonderfully for your physical and mental health. Your home can feel Supernatural with just a few strategically placed homemade reed diffusers that will help disperse the calming aromatherapy of the consciously crafted Supernatural Essential Oil blends.

Infuse your home with quality essential oils made fully from plants, minerals, and natural botanicals. You deserve to breathe free and full in the comfort of your home.

Here is the Supernatural guide to crafting your own homemade essential oil reed diffusers in four easy steps!

To make a Supernatural homemade reed diffuser you will need:

  • A handful of dried twigs, about 1cm diameter (about the diameter of a pencil) and 15-30cm long (about the length of a pencil)
  • A small jar, preferably with a narrow opening (approximately 200ml)
  • Your favorite Supernatural Essential Oil blends
  • Jojoba or Sunflower Oil (or any other carrier oil you prefer)

Step 1

Ensure your twigs are well dried by placing them in a very low oven for 15-30 minutes. Once they are fully dry, peel off the bark using a pruning or wood-carving knife. Twigs that are straighter with an easy chipping bark are best, but almost any twigs you find outside will work.

Step 2

Pour about 1/4 cup of your carrier oil into a carefully cleaned jar. This carrier oil will allow the essential oils to disperse evenly throughout your home and diffuse consistently from your twigs.

Add 15-30 drops of your favourite Supernatural Essential Oil blend. Try the Supernatural Nourishing blend for tranquility that will also help you sleep better, Supernatural Renewing blend to freshen up your kitchen and bathroom, or the Supernatural Expanding blend for general empowerment and expansion aromatherapy around the house.

Whichever Essential Oil you use, stir them thoroughly in the carrier oil using one of your already prepared twigs.

Step 3

Place in as many twigs as you can to fit comfortably without forcing them in through the opening of the jar. Ensure they are all submerged in the oil blend. Leave them to infuse for an hour.

Step 4

Once your homemade reeds have infused in your oil blend for an hour, flip the twigs around and allow their dry tops to infuse with the oils. You can then flip them as often as you want to help diffuse the aromatherapy throughout your home. The diffuser will last at least a few weeks before needing a refresher of carrier oil and added essential oil blends.

Your homemade reed diffusers will make a beautiful accent in any room, as well as being functional aromatherapy diffusers. They also make a lovely gift for any of your loved ones!

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