Elevating Your Home with Supernatural

Spring cleaning is more than just a tradition; it's a refreshing reset for your home and life. As flowers begin to bloom and the sun begins to stay out a little longer, it's the perfect time to open your windows, let in the fresh air, and thoroughly cleanse and declutter your space. This year, elevate your spring cleaning ritual with an emphasis on sustainability and natural wellness by integrating Supernatural's natural cleaners into your routine.

Embracing Nature

Supernatural is at the forefront of combining eco-friendly practices with high-performance cleaning. Our cleaning products are made entirely from plants, minerals, and essential oils and are free from harsh chemicals that can harm your health and home. By choosing Supernatural cleaners, you're not only making a choice that's better for the earth but also a better cleaning ritual for you and your family.

Declutter Before You Clean

Begin by decluttering your space. It’s easier to clean when there’s less clutter. Go room by room and decide what you need, what you can donate, and what should be recycled. This process not only clears your home of any extra useless stuff taking up space but will also clear your mental space as well!

From Top to Bottom

Once the clutter has been cleared away, the real magic of spring cleaning begins. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your cleaning is both efficient and thorough.

  • Ceiling and Fans: Dust accumulates on ceiling fans, light fixtures, and the corners of your ceilings, often going unnoticed during regular cleaning routines. Using a high duster or a clean, dry microfiber cloth, gently wipe away the dust. For ceiling fans, a pillowcase can be an ingenious tool; slip it over each blade and pull back to capture the dust.
  • From the Windows to the Walls: Gravity helps dust and dirt find their way down, so your next focus should be the walls and windows. Using a dampened soft cloth, gently wipe down walls, paying special attention to areas around light switches and door frames, which collect fingerprints and smudges. For windows, Supernatural’s glass cleaner not only ensures a streak-free shine but also enhances the clarity and brightness of your home by maximizing natural light.
  • Furniture and Fixtures: As you make your way down, it’s time to focus on furniture and fixtures. Dust and polish wooden furniture, and use the appropriate cleaners for other materials, like metal or glass. Don’t forget to clean underneath and behind furniture, areas that are often overlooked but easily hide dirt and hair clumps (especially if you have pets!).
  • Kitchen and Bathrooms: In the kitchen, start with the top cabinets and work your way down to the countertops and appliances. Supernatural’s stainless steel cleaner is particularly effective here, tackling grease and grime on stove tops and countertops without the need for harsh chemicals. In the bathroom, focus on deep cleaning of all the surfaces, from the sink and countertops to the toilet (we recommend gloves!) and bathtub.
  • Buff the Bottom: Finally, end with the floors. Start by sweeping or vacuuming to remove any loose dirt and dust. Then, depending on the type of flooring, mop or scrub using Supernatural Wood + Floors cleaner. This specially crafted floor cleaner provides a thorough cleansing, enhancing the natural beauty of your floors without leaving any harmful residues.
  • Don't Forget the Details: Throughout this process, pay special attention to the often-forgotten nooks and crannies—baseboards, vents, window sills, and door frames. These details may seem small, but they play a significant role in the overall cleanliness and aura of your home.

Make It a Habit

Try incorporating these cleaning practices into your daily routine, not just your spring cleaning ritual. Teaching yourself to pick up and spot clean daily as you go about your life can help maintain the cleanliness and vibrancy of your home, ensuring it remains a healthy, happy place year-round!

Going Au Naturel

By choosing Supernatural for your spring cleaning, you're not only benefiting your home but also contributing to a healthier planet. These natural cleaners are biodegradable, made from sustainable resources and  reusable bottles that significantly reduce water and plastic waste. Start your year of a cleaner home with Supernatural, we have all of your surfaces covered, naturally.

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