How To Declutter and Decorate  Your Calm Working Space

Work-From-Home (WFH) Jobs have been common since the pandemic. This means it's important to have a space in your house where you can be productive, creative, happy, focused, and energized. Studies have shown that cluttered work spaces can often be linked with disorganization, lack of productivity, and decreased motivation. If you are familiar with these problems, we have made a simple to follow guide to help you fix some, or like us, all of these problems!

Step 1: Declutter

    The first step may seem obvious, but it is one of the most important. We need to declutter your new WFH space.
  • Clean, clean, clean! Pick up any trash lying around your new designated space, sweep the floors, and give it a mop. It’s important to begin setting up from a fresh space. Use the all-natural Supernatural cleaning products to help!
  • Find a place for your computer and monitors in order to free up space on a desk desk for taking notes and typing.
  • Set your computer in a spot so that it can rest comfortably at “eye level.”
  • Hang some shelves in your new “office” space to help keep personal items off your desk. It’s important that your desk remains clear so that you can focus more on your work.
Declutter Declutter

Step 2: Decorate 

    This will come naturally to anyone with a new clean space. It’s innate in all of us to personalize a space that speaks to and represents us. So let’s decorate your new clean WFH spot!
  • Decorate your new space with the things you enjoy or even represent you as the beautiful individual you are! If you have shelves, add some of your favorite books.
  • Get some calming, easy-to-care-for plants! Adding some natural colors and energy to your WFH space will help to keep your mind calm and focused. We love a good Pothos, they’re sturdy, don’t need much light or water, and look absolutely beautiful!
  • Be sure to leave anything that might seem “unprofessional” out of sight of your webcam for video meetings (trust us on this, you don’t want your coworkers or even boss to have too much insight into your personal life during a conference call!)
Decorate Declutter

Step 3: Create the Calm

    So now that you’re able to work in an energizing environment that fosters creativity and productivity on one side of the room, but a truly calm and peaceful space needs some work.
  • Create an accent wall. We all know that colors evoke emotions, but bland colors can feel trapping. Choose a wall in your new spot to spark a shift in energy when looked at. Green is a color that is often associated with harmony, peace, and quiet. A subtle green to gently lift spirits and whisper peace into your soul.
  • Create some symmetry to help calm your mind. A few vertical pieces of wood running down the wall to represent unity and to remind us that everything has a beginning and an end. It also works wonderfully with shelves nearby. You don’t need to go hunt for a guide on how to build this, we’ll provide a simple How-To below! Of course feel free to make it your own as well.

How To Install Your Own Batten Paneling

STEP 1: Measure

  • Take the width of the wall and divide it by the number of battens you want on the wall. Make sure to include pieces on the left and right corners
  • Plan to space them out 12-18” apart
  • Keep in mind that the batten pieces will be 3.5” wide.
  • Mark on the wall where each batten will go.
    • Make the first mark 1.75” from the corner. This will be the center of the first piece.
    • Continue to make marks at whatever distance you decide will go between each batten. If you did the math correctly, your last mark should be 1.75” from the other corner.
  • Draw actual lines where each batten will go. Each line should be 1.75” from the center mark on both sides. Now the width from the two correlated lines should be 3.5”
  • Step back and make sure that none of the batten pieces will interfere with any light switches or power outlets. Adjust the number of batten pieces if necessary but keep the distance between the batten boards equal!


  • This is an optional step, but because the boards will not be the thickness of the trim already on the wall, it may be helpful to remove the trim in order to install a top and bottom horizontal batten that will match the thickness of the wood attaching to it.


  • Since there will be a top and bottom batten, ensure that your vertical batten will be 7” less than your desired height to account for the 3.5” wide batten at the top and bottom of your wall.
  • Apply batten to the wall with construction adhesive. I put the adhesive in a caulk gun for easy application and applied generously to each batten piece.
  • Start with the top and bottom pieces and then install the left and right corners to make a box before continuing to attach the center pieces.
  • Nail the batten pieces in with a Brad Nailer and 1.25” nails.


  • Apply Caulk in a small bead on any seams and use your finger to push into the seam.
  • While caulk is drying, start patching over nail holes with spackling, using a putty knife. Follow up with a light sanding over the patches to create a smooth finish.


  • I used a subtle green paint + primer and rolled the paint onto the board and battened the design using a small roller that could reach every corner and seam.
  • I added in a dark green comfy chair in the corner and hung a rope lightbulb pendant above it to create a calm, low light vibe. Finally, I added a small coffee table and a bookcase next to the chair.
  • Tie together your new office space and the calm space, we said this before in the “Decorate” section, but adding a few plants that match the accent color scheme will go a long way! The plants will help inspire focus and creativity, while also fostering a sense of calm by converting the carbon dioxide in the room to more oxygen. Plants help us to remind ourselves to take a breath, especially when things get stressful.
  • Hang some art that makes you feel at ease, something simple and beautiful. It can be a landscape, or even high-concept shapes. Whatever speaks to your heart will work best.
  • Add a calming white noise. You don’t want something too loud in case you have video conferences, but something soft in the background usually won’t be picked up. For instance I like to use the sound of trickling water from a small fountain. You will need to change out the water every few months, but the sound instantly puts my mind at ease and helps me to focus on the projects at-hand.

This is merely a guide that we found has worked for us, please follow your intuition and make your new WFH space your own! The most important thing is to help keep your work space, your work space and your home, your home. This simple separation will make it easier to focus on what needs attention and to help you finish your work. If you’re lucky enough to work from home, let’s keep that energy full so that we can always work from home!

Let us know how you set up your calm work space! Send us pictures so we can inspire others!

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