How Supernatural Supports Earth Day Every Day

It's vital to recognize the small steps and the big leaps companies take towards sustainability and our responsibility to care for our planet. At Supernatural, we're proud to be a leader in this movement, offering cleaning sprays that do more than just clean and shine your surfaces—they protect, preserve, and promote the health of our planet from the beginning of the design to the reusable nature of Supernatural in your home.

A Supernatural Approach to Cleaning

Our journey began with a simple question: How can we make everyday cleaning products not just effective, but truly earth-friendly? The answer was in harnessing the raw cleaning power of nature itself. Our cleaning sprays are formulated using ingredients that are made entirely from plants, minerals, and essential oils. By combining ancient wisdom with modern ecological practices, every bottle of Supernatural Cleaning spray contains a potion of purity for your home and the planet.

Ingredients That Tell a Story

Each ingredient in our cleaning sprays has been carefully selected not only for its cleaning prowess but for its story and impact on our environment. We delve into the heart of nature, sourcing ingredients from the earth that are nurtured and respected, ensuring they contribute to the wellbeing of their respective ecosystems. This careful selection process highlights our commitment to biodiversity and the intricate balance of our planet's habitats. We source from sustainable sources, and the formulations are designed to return to the earth without any toxic ingredients polluting our water systems.

Supporting Earth Day, Every Day

For us, Earth Day is not just an annual event; it's a daily commitment. We believe in walking the talk, which is why we created the company to be sustainable from every product's inception to how we ship it to your front door and ultimately how it is used in your home! By choosing Supernatural products, our customers become partners with us in a global movement to rejuvenate and protect the Earth for future generations.

Beyond the Bottle: A Regenerative Economy

Understanding that sustainability goes beyond the ingredients, we've designed our packaging with the Earth in mind. Our bottles are not just recyclable—they're designed to be reused, reducing waste and encouraging a circular economy. We're constantly exploring innovative ways to minimize our carbon footprint, from production processes to shipping, ensuring that every step we take is a step towards a healthier planet.

Join Us in Our Mission

As we celebrate Earth Day, we invite you to join us in our mission to make cleaning a supernatural and sustainable experience. Every spray, every wipe, and every bottle is a testament to what we can achieve when we harness the supernatural powers of nature in harmony with our daily lives on our planet. Let's continue to inspire, act, and make every day an Earth Day.

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