Sturgeon Moon A-Bun-Dance

The Full Moon of August is called the Sturgeon Moon for a very simple reason, the fish are plentiful and biting! The Native Americans used this time of the summer to keep stocking up on food in preparation for Winter. It’s a time of prosperity and celebration! So pay attention to the energy of this Full Moon, it’s a moon that is ripe for big changes and letting go.

Full Moon Mood

Just as the fish are aplenty, so is a spiritual feast available. It is a wonderful time to relax in the heat of the August sun and love yourself as fully as you can and beyond. Embrace the dionysian feast and drink before the work of fall and the harvest come around. The full Sturgeon Moon lights our path in the open streets hopping from dive bar, to restaurant, to jazz club. This moon is a ripe moment for romantics to open their hearts and pour love all around them, and share in an intimate meal with your beloved. This is the Moon of royalty and music, the louder the laughing, the better you’re served. So go out there and celebrate! Celebrate your loved ones, your friends, but most importantly celebrate yourself! This life is yours to enjoy, and there is no better time to start enjoying it than in a time of an abundance moon.

Full Moon Action

Dance, Dance, Dance! Do you want to know the real secret to abundance? It’s very simple. Stick out your tush, and do A-Bun-Dance! You have all that you need to enjoy your time here. Right now. Let yourself wander from social event to social event and bask in the abundance of life. Eat and drink greedily and thankfully for all this beautiful world has to offer! Build a fire and sit around with close friends speaking ancient truths to one another, singing song, and telling dirty jokes. This Full Moon asks for you to let go of your worries and indulge in the epicurean and hedonist within. It is up to you to live your life fully, no one else can do it for you! There will be deep inner work to come in the following months, so take this time to kick back and enjoy the break. This is your vacation from yourself, that is with yourself. If you wish to change who you are, this is the moon to start with! It’s simple, just be the person you wish to be. Play with that right now. A toast to you my friend!

July’s full Buck Moon reaches peak illumination at 8:02 pm EST on Sunday, August 22nd.

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