The Feng Shui of Plants

Feng Shui originated over 3000 years ago in China. It is the ancient art of energetic placement in our living spaces (homes, gardens and offices). Feng Shui Masters long studied the aspects of life and how environments depleted or fortified our energy, also known as “Chi”. They learned to rearrange a home to best enhance our lives.

Feng Shui is a combination of art, science, and spirituality. From a Feng Shui perspective, we are an important natural flow in the world we exist in. Us and all the things around us are alive with Chi'. The structures we live in, the furnishings we choose, and the land around us are all interconnected into a dynamic flow that shapes the foundational elements of our lives.

There are five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and metal) that help to direct our energies. We are going to focus on the plants of Feng Shui and those best chosen to help channel a healthy flow in our homes and lives.

What to look for in a healthy Feng Shui Plant:

  1. Choose healthy plants with brighter foliage to attract aliveness into your personal spaces.
  2. Use flowering plants to attract a deeper loving energy.
  3. Clip and remove dead flowers as soon as they start excessively wilting.
  4. Remove dead plants, as they cause energy to stagnate and drain.
  5. Larger plants attract larger amounts of energy.
  6. Procure plants with rounded, softer leaves.
  7. Choose plants with upwards foliage growth patterns as opposed to those that droop.

Philodendrons Support the Fire Element

With leaves that mimic the fire element in their natural shape, the philodendron can brighten up dense corners where the energy is lower in your home. They can also bring warmth to cold energy areas. These plants do really well in artificial light, so don’t hesitate to place them in a dark or cold corner to add the energy of warmth and comfort.

Money Tree Brings Feng Shui Fortune and Luck

The Pachira aquatica, more commonly known as “the money tree” inspires fortune and luck. This tall, bonsai-style tree with a braided stem brings best fortune when placed in the areas for money, health, or fame. It is best to avoid displaying this beautiful plant into areas of self, spirituality, and knowledge or marriage and relationships.

Chrysanthemums Harvest Happiness

The chrysanthemum is a beautiful yellow flower. This stunning flowering plant happens to be one of the better Feng shui plants. Yellow is a colour that is associated with happiness and optimism, so the flower of the same colour inspires feelings of optimism into your home. It would be best to put the chrysanthemum in the living room. They are really easy to grow and tend to thrive with a hands off approach. The same way we don’t force happiness to happen, the chrysanthemum teaches us patience and trust that happiness flows best when we take small steps to better our lives.

Snake Plant Purifies Air and Protects the Home

Snake Plants are easy to tend, and they are excellent at improving air quality in your home or office. Though Feng Shui tends to avoid “sharp” plants like cactus, the Snake plant has a softer side to it’s sharp exterior. They produce tall beautiful greenery with an air purifying quality, placement in an office area can help improve air conditions and correct energetic imbalances. They also have the added benefit of offering a protective energy your home may be lacking.

Orchids Invite a Calm Flow

Orchids bring beautiful colors and serenity to your personal space. They inspire the element of love, which can help improve your relationships. Orchids promote peace, they are especially beneficial in the bedroom or on the dinner table. It’s important to place these beautiful flowering plants in the relationship area of the home.

Last Thoughts

Whichever path you take to sow a better flow into your home, plants are a wonderful addition to our lives. Their calm peaceful natures are scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. The extra care taken to teach yourself the areas of your home that can use a more loving energy, through the path of Feng Shui, will benefit your life greatly. We can all use a more present care and attention into the energetic flows of our homes. Love yourself, love your home, love your plants. An easy recipe to improve the quality of our lives.

Keep softening your home and heart, and thank you for reading!

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