Supernatural Spotlight: Black Currant

The Black Currant is found growing wild all over England, from mid-Scotland going south. The leaf glands and fruit secrete a wonderfully fragrant odor and have long been used in herbal concoctions by our ancient ancestors for an array of ailments. It is a powerful little berry that herbalists still use to this day for its natural healing and cleansing properties.

Black currants (or Ribes nigrum), belong to the Grossulariaceae family, also known as Gooseberries. They are native to northern Asia and central parts of Europe, specifically thought to have migrated from the area of Greece. As the Currant traveled north, the darker the shade of fruit it produced. The entire plant of a black currant is aromatic. It thrives in areas where summer is humid and in deep cold winters. While currant shades come in red, white, and pink, black currants appear to be the most superior when it comes to nutritional and healing value.

Living with Black Currant

The black currant fruit has incredible antimicrobial, antifungal, AND antiviral properties making it a wonderful ingredient for the Supernatural Hand Soap! Components in the leaves and berries of the black currant may increase the secretion of cortisol by the adrenal glands, thus stimulating the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which may prove useful in stress-related conditions (perfect for the Covid times we’re living in).

Various skin diseases arise due to inflammation, infections, or aging. They leave you with dry skin, lesions, itching, redness, scabs, etc. Your skin would need intense repairing and conditioning in such cases. Clinical studies discovered a specific polysaccharide in blackcurrants that exerts anti-inflammatory effects. This molecule controls the production of inflammatory compounds by your immune system. Black currants contain good amounts of fatty acids, like linolenic acid. Their oil suppresses the inflammation mediators in your skin. So, black currants and the seed oil can nourish and nurse your skin to health without any side effects!

Loving with Black Currant

Black currants are magical fruits that have powerful magical properties. In herbal books, you might see them called Gooseberries. Their dark color links them to the throat chakra. Use black currant to clear your aura and speak your truth, it will shield you from negative situations and helps to calm your home. Powdered black currants were used to sprinkle over thresholds (entrances) to cleanse and protect a space, and were often used in healing, peace, and communication rituals.

Look here for the Supernatural Hand Soap that will help you soak up the healing properties of black currant and nourish your well deserving hands!

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