7 Herbs to Grow On Your Window Sill This Spring

Plants can be tough to keep alive if you don’t have a naturally green thumb. But don’t fret, there are ways of learning quickly making it big in the plant world! Growing the right types of plants inside can really boost your growing knowledge. One type of plant that flourishes beautifully on your windowsill are Herbs. Not only do they look beautiful and smell wonderful near a window, but you can harvest them as they grow to use in your cooking too! Here are my favorite 7 herbs to grow on a windowsill.

1. Basil

Undoubtedly, one of the best herbs to have nearby. Grow basil from seed or a starter plant from the garden center. Plant it in well-drained soil in a sunny, warm spot and cut back any flowers. To harvest, cut a few stems just above where two leaves meet. Add it to your favorite salads and homemade pizzas or best of all use it to make a delicious batch of pesto! Basil goes great with all types of cooking, and they’re hardy herbs that will grow with little attention. Just don’t forget to water her.

2. Chives

Chives can get expensive quickly, which is surprising seeing as how they’re easily one of the best herbs to grow indoors! Sow seeds directly in a pot placed in the sunniest spot in your house (I use my kitchen window). Keep a tray of pebbles and water under the pot to give the plant extra moisture. Chives go best with scrambled eggs or can spruce up your mashed potatoes.

3. Bay Laurel (Bay Leaves)

If you cook regularly at home, you’ve come across bay leaves many times. They add that extra little flavoring that can be hard to place, but is missed when left out.

Bay laurel is a perennial that actually does best grown in a container. Place the pot in an east or west facing window as it prefers partial sun. Thin the plant if it starts to get crowded (and throw it in the soup!).

4. Sage

The herb that gives that wonderful flavor to our Holiday favorites and savory meats is the perfect addition to an indoor herb garden. Sage does need a lot of sunlight but if you have it in that sunny spot, this herb will grow big and fluffy quickly!

5. Oregano

Every Italian dish needs a big helping of oregano. There are a few varieties of oregano out there (Greek, Italian, spicy, etc.), but the right one for you depends entirely on your tastebuds. Oregano loves sun so placing it in your sunniest window will help it flourish!

Indoors, oregano can reach up to over a foot tall, and it’s recommended to prune and use it often, the wonderful thing about oregano is that all parts of the plant are usable!

6. Parsley

Not as expensive as chives, but growing parsley is incredibly easy! They love full sun and grow quickly. Start it from seed or buy a starter at the local garden market. Just remember to choose the flat-leaf variety for cooking! The curly kind are better for garnishing.

7. Rosemary

Rosemary thrives with full sun and light waterings. It produces the beloved fragrant leaves that are in most of our favorite recipes. Rosemary also blooms clusters of blossoms in all kinds of different stunning shades. It’s the perfect window herb for looks, taste, and smell!

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