Buck Moon The Velvet Changing

The Full Moon of July is called Buck Moon, new antlers emerge from bucks' foreheads with a lush coat of velvet that will shed by mid September. The Buck Moon is full of thunderous energy that is protecting itself from what’s growing within. Full Moon’s are an opportune moment of committing to shifting unwanted patterns, walk forward with an open heart and you will find a way to care best for your inner farm! Follow those powerful instincts and gut feelings, you know what work needs to get done before the harvest of Fall.

Full Moon Mood

Just like the young bucks and does, we are going through a shift in our spirits. You will feel bursts of energy that were once necessary in ancient times in preparation for winter. Now that we’ve left behind the arduous physical work, for the most part, we need to shift these bursts of energy elsewhere! So let’s turn these powerful vibrations inward, do the work that’s much needed inside of use. No longer having the fear of starvation in mind, where else are we left hungry and unsatisfied? No longer stressed with physical survival, where are we spiritually feeling threatened? These energies are deeply embedded within us, and the summer equinox is a wonderful time to be working on our emotions guided by raw instinct.

Full Moon Action

The Buck Moon is primetime to drop into your flow state, whether through meditation, yoga, or being with your family, and nurturing the abundant fields within. Water and prune the emotions that you’ve held onto that are no longer serving you! You may feel very protective during this time, and protection can be good if it’s placed at the right moment. Walk with an open heart and look in those uncomfortable corners of yourself and sweep up those cobwebs, those corners and extra spaces will be much appreciated during your fall harvest. You have all the extra energy to get the work done! So take advantage of this Full Moon and stir up the stagnant areas. Be sure to also take your nights slow and full of relaxation and laughing!

July’s full Buck Moon reaches peak illumination at 10:36 p.m. EST on Friday, July 23.

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