Flower Moon Time to Bloom

On May 26, 2021, the Full Flower Moon will be eclipsed and turn a deep shade of red. The eclipse takes place just a few hours after the Moon reaches the closest point to Earth. This makes this a Super Flower Blood Moon! Expect a lot of energy surrounding this event.

May is the month in which we begin to sow our crops. Get out in the garden under the Flower Moon and put your hands into the soil. It’s a time of fertility, and the fiery passions will be in full swing! It's sometimes called the month of the Hare Moon, and we all know what hares are busy doing in the spring. Celebrate once the sun goes down with a big bonfire ceremony and some intimate time with your significant other, or even connecting on a deeper level with your inner self.

Full Moon Mood

The Full Moon of May is named the Flower Moon as the flowers that are bursting into bloom during this time. The last bit of frost is melting off, and soil that was recently cold and hard is now breaking through the surface full of life and opportunity.

Nature is celebrating the dance of life and the light is at its purest form of cleansing. A full moon phase is a symbol of spiritual completion, and with it, it brings powerful emotions and drives truth from the subconscious into the conscious mind. This culmination will more than likely revolve around themes of power and transformation.

Full Moon Action

Like the flowers, it is time for us to blossom, to flow with your growth each day and continue planting the seeds of the changes you are seeking.

This is the time for self-reflection and self-assessment. You are in a period of deep healing, and you now have the chance to look at yourself in a whole new light, through the lens of the Super Flower Blood Moon.

The full moon also symbolizes shining a light on our shadows and illuminating the corners we've been avoiding. Release the guilt and shame to plant your seeds with a full heart. Self love is crucial during this time of the year. The Flower Moon will assist us in shedding our metaphysical skins and transmute our coming renewal.

Create your moment of rebirth. Embrace the changes and welcome the beautiful internal and external shifts coming!

May’s full Flower Moon reaches peak illumination at 7:14 A.M EST on May 26, 2021. So Hold your Fire Ceremonies the night before on the 25th!

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