Supernatural Shelfies Life on the Ledge

The days of drab decor, humdrum wallpaper, and empty kitchens are coming to an end. Through the brawn of social media we have found ways to share our modern world with inspirations for cozier homes, unique kitchens and captivating art.

One of the recent trends is “Shelfies”, a way to broadcast your unique style of your beloved curated collections. You can show off your elite tastes and inspire others to consciously create a more inviting and relaxing home. A way to connect with your private sanctuary more intimately. When we focus our attention on our environments the details of care really add up!

When we created Supernatural, we knew it could be more than just a cleaner. We wanted to show that you can create an earth-conscious vibrationally enriching natural cleaner that you will love to show off on your kitchen counters and shelves. We put a lot of care and attention into the design so that you didn’t have to hide it under the sink with the harsh chemical cleaners. Supernatural is a statement! An idea motivated by softening our lives and caring for our planet.

Show us your shelfies, even if you don’t have anything Supernatural! Celebrate your own genius creations and curations. Magic happens when we share the cherished spaces of our homes, you never know who you might inspire!

Tag @supernaturalbeing in your shelfies & together we can learn to better love ourselves and our homes. So let your-shelves dazzle!

Keep it comfy, and thank you for reading!

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