The Mourning Moon Farewell to the Light for Now

November’s full Mourning Moon marks the beginning of winter. This year, it is the very last full moon before the winter solstice, which makes it the Mourning Moon according to Pagan tradition. November’s full moon has historically been interconnected with death and loss, on both a literal and symbolic level. Pagans honored the final stages of their winter preparations involving the very important process of “mourning” - which is why we call the last moon before the winter solstice the Mourning Moon. After a full year of planting, growing, and reaping both physically and spiritually, the Mourning Moon becomes the perfect time to let go of the old and unnecessary, while allowing space for you to mourn their passing.

Full Moon Mood

Though the modern world has given us much more comfort during the hardships of winter, our ancestral memories still carry the hardships winter can bring. That is why we have so many holidays centered around the gathering of friends and family, so that the hardships can be forgotten for a while and we can enjoy the love that is always near. The Mourning Moon marks the beginning of the often uncomfortable task of deep self reflection. It can feel painful around this time of year as we shed ourselves spiritually, it can sometimes remind us of what we’ve already lost in the previous winters. Dia de los muertos is just around the corner and is an important reminder that we can honor and enjoy what has been lost, the loss doesn’t always need to feel depressing.

Full Moon Action

Though it may be difficult at times, this change is an important alchemical process for us to shed what is no longer needed. We take only what we need to survive into the deep and silent cold of winter. We can sometimes find ourselves losing physical things more often during this period if we are not doing our innerwork, so be sure to prepare yourself for going deep and keep clearing out what is not needed for the journey ahead. Just as there are feasts with family and friends during the winter holidays to take a break from the deep self reflection, it is important for you to also prepare yourself mentally that breaks from going deep are necessary to keep your energy and mood up!

Mourn with the Mourning Full Moon on November 19 at 3:58 am CST

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