The Science of Creating Natural Deodorants

Before we dive into the wild wonderful world of Supernatural Deodorants, we need to understand what natural deodorants are designed to do, so you can have a better understanding on how a cosmetic chemist formulates a "natural" deodorant.

Commercial chemical based deodorants “work" by using aluminum salts to prevent sweat. With aluminum getting such a bad review for blocking pores, you've probably started to consider the natural ways to deal with sweat and body odor. That's why the main formulation challenge for any natural deodorant revolves around the very real realities of sweat.

Since sweat means bacteria, and bacteria means B.O., an effective natural deodorant formulation needs to accomplish these three goals:

  • Absorb moisture
  • Fight Bacteria
  • Use scents to uplift the odor

Once you've included ingredients to achieve these three goals, the trick is to tweak the percentages of ingredients included to achieve your desired application and texture

Absorb Moisture

This one is easy with Sodium Bicarbonate, if you’re unfamiliar with that name you may know it more casually as Baking Soda! Baking soda comes out of the ground in the form of minerals nahcolite and trona, which are refined into soda ash (a.k.a. sodium carbonate), then turned into baking soda (a.k.a. sodium bicarbonate), Most of it comes from Wyoming, which contains the world’s largest trona deposit!

Sodium Bicarbonate is a wonderful natural component to any natural deodorant. It helps to absorb the moisture from sweat. Sweat is the precursor to bad smelling bacteria. Which is why a Natural Deodorant should also…

Fight Bacteria

This is where the combination of natural ingredients come into play! Sodium Bicarbonate helps stop bacteria at the source which is moisture from sweat slowly turning acidic and stinky. Then with the help of natural antimicrobials such as Sage or Rosemary Extracts, these essential oils will help to keep the remaining bacteria from reproducing and spreading. These natural extracts/essential oils are crucial to maintaining any out of control bacteria growth while also giving aid to the last formulation goal…

Using Scents to Uplift The Odor

If you’ve ever smelled essential oils (which are derived from the ‘Essences’ of plants) then you know what will make your deodorant that much more amazing. The SMELL! This is where it takes a master natural perfumer to blend the essential oils into lovingly luxurious scents like Supernatural Blood Orange & Amber Natural Deodorant or the more mystical earthy scent of Supernatural Wood, Sage, & Sea Salt Natural Deodorant.

And a Bit More Natural Magic…

Once you have the three basics of your deodorant covered, then you have the natural thickeners, natural preservatives, and natural moisturizing oils to help carry the rest of your deodorant into the amazing being that it is.

If you’re determined enough, you can easily make your own Natural Deodorant at home, or you can skip the exact measurements and simply buy from a company that figured out the hard parts to bring you the best Natural Deodorant available sourced from the freshest natural ingredients… Supernatural.

Keep those pits fresh! Thank you for reading.

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