The Strawberry Moon A Summer’s Feast

The Gemini season is ending as we move gracefully (or not) into Summer. The season of Cancer is encouraging you to inwardly work on emotional security so that you have more control on the rollercoaster. The spiritual meaning of the Strawberry full moon is all about gently opening up into your relationship with abundance, and asking yourself whether you are making enough room in your life for your emotional comfort, or if you’re putting it on hold for your goals.

Full Moon Mood

Let’s fully tap into the potential of this powerful summer moon. You should navigate the mystery and find a way to channel these currents in a healthy balance. Astrologers believe the Moon's journey through the Zodiac signs affects everything to do with your inner self. The Moon rules over your deepest dreams and desires, as well as your thoughts and fantasies. On the other end of the cosmic scale, the Sun rules over how you interact with the physical world. On the day of a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition, meaning they face each other at a 180-degree angle. This is a powerful call to attention of the balancing act to come.

Full Moon Action

Full moons occur in opposite signs for a reason, wherever your life has been leading you, now is the perfect time to focus on balance. It’s a game that takes some patience, with others but mostly with yourself. Gently dig within and find the areas of your life that have been living out of balance. What small actions can you take now to help correct them back towards the center? Even small adjustments can help correct massive imbalances over time. You are in the middle, the place where there’s no pushing or pulling, no excess in the direction of either of the implicit polar principles of whatever situation you’re contemplating. It’s like the eye of a hurricane: clear, tranquil, and unmoved as all things swirl around it. As you flow through life, offer small tokens of balance along the way, this will help offset the larger life changing rebalances that will come.

June’s full Strawberry Moon reaches peak illumination at 2:40 p.m. EST on Thursday, June 24th. That may be during the day, but it will look just as stunning the night before and the nightfall after.

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