The Worm Moon First Super Moon of 2021

As the days grow longer and brighter, earthworms begin their crawl out of the soil as it warms and softens. The early birds excitedly descend upon them, marking the change of feast and celebration from Winter into Spring. During these natural celebrations in March, we honor the Full Worm Moon. The Spring season is upon us and with it, new life and endless possibilities!

Full Moon Mood

The Full Worm Moon is a season of pure potential and optimism! Now is an outstanding time to pursue big goals. Start moving on your dreams! Full moons always symbolize intense energy that magnify the emotions of the people here on earth. A Super Moon signifies a powerful influx of energy. This Super Moon occurring in Leo will let loose energies not only be chaotic, but will encourage us to deal with deep-seated emotions that have been ingrained in our shadows. So be sure to keep love in your heart as you move through these powerful forces at work.

Full Moon Action

Plant those seeds! You’ve been collecting, hibernating and meditating with the changes that are about to come. It’s high time to start planting those seeds and nourish them with a lot of love and gratitude. Winter is closing and you are full of optimism, hope, and new beginnings. There’s no need to rush, spring is a joyous occasion to start dancing and spreading those seeds you’ve harvested since fall. Toss them in their abundance around you, what grows will often surprise you. Spring is a powerful time for movement and chaos, so be sure to nurture your process and keep your mind, body, and spirit active with lots of light and as always, enjoy the warmth of your change.

Collect Storm Jars!

Set some empty jars outside to collect the rainfall from the coming storms. This water is alive with the energy and electricity of the earth, and is the perfect refreshing drink or medicinal water to revitalize your movement and internal changes. It’s stormwater that inspires plants to grow from their slumber, singing joyfully for the new year. Take part in this joyous occasion by joining in with the plants celebration!

March’s full Super Worm Moon reaches peak illumination on March 28 at 7:50 pm.

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