We’re Out of Retrograde

The universe is always speaking to us, and the obstacles of Mercury Retrograde are just another way to reflect back what asks our attention.

It’s over! We survived our first Mercury Retrograde of 2021. That may not seem like a crowning achievement, but with the way things have been going every act of thriving should be celebrated! Now that our electronics will be less affected and the interruptions of our busy lives are winding down, we can choose to learn from Mercury’s Retrograde on what really matters.

Our Time is Valuable

When interruptions happen, our first reactions can usually be anger or frustration. These triggers are healthy for us to address. Interruptions may seem disruptive but they are truly gifts to recognize the importance of being present. It’s easy to use distractions as an escape, an excuse to be checked out to lunch. So when Retrograde pokes us to trigger those feelings of frustration we can take the time to look within and find a peaceful resolution. The Universe loves you, the disruptions are only a playful reminder that your email or text message wasn’t really that important in the first place.

Embrace the Struggle

If it’s difficult, 99% of the time it’s because we are the ones making it difficult. The universe presents an obstacle in order to keep our spirits in flow. The easier solution may not be the typical way to get things done, but it can help us to see things from a new angle. Learn to embrace the struggle, and wield it masterfully as an opportunity to learn something new. It’s only hard, because we want it to be. Where is the obstacle in our heart that teaches us to be in flow? Thank you Mercury Retrograde. What a masterful teacher you are!

Enjoy the Mountain Top

It’s easy to look at the road behind us and make the negative aspects bigger than they are. The reality is, is that the journey is what makes the view from where we are now that much more incredible! You’ve made it! To this very moment, through all that you’ve been through and your ancestors have been through to be right here in this moment. Enjoy the mountain top for a change. Let the universe baffle you with it’s simple loving message. It’s amazing you’re here, so enjoy the view. The road here was long and there’s still forever to go, so be sure to take a moment and breathe in lungfuls of gratifying love.

The point is not to beat the mountain, but to learn from what the mountain has to offer with each step.

Keep on keepin’ on and thank you for reading!

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