Your astrological forecast Entering the Waters of Pisces

The debated United States Pluto return and the entryway into Pisces season. A profound shape shifting happening for the collective. Fortunately for us this Pluto return signifies a renewal (so here is your permission slip USA.) From roughly ~ February 18th till March 20th we are greeted with the watery ways of Pisces. A strong representation of the last zodiac before we begin anew with the spring equinox.

Some major star stuff is happening right now, and don’t be afraid to dream with it.

The Plutonian gravity will not only shape the day to day experience of life in the United States it will be a renewal and calibration of energy.

The Plutonian ways will force us to look at our shadow-y selves and the death - life - rebirthing cycles we are contracted into in life.

Here’s how to find your flow in the watery ways of Pisces season.

Connect with others in your circle and outside of your circle without talking

Begin to map your dreams each and every night, study your dreams as vision quests into the unknown lands of lucidity

Tread in your own gentle watery ways, notice the water in all parts of your day whether the water you drink, the dew on a leaf in the morning, or the flowing stream you hear in the distance

Listen to your intuition and maybe even practice flexing your intuition muscles with some self-study and exploration into your intuitive ways of processing the world around you

Create for the simple sake of creation

Trust that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be, and that we are all just a drop in the collective ocean.

What’s next? The ending of the Astrological year in March 2022 and the beginning of a new zodiac cycle.

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