Your astrological forecast Spring Forward

As we spring into the forward movements of the coming seasons, here is your April Astrological forecast. This is a pretty busy month in astrology so stay on top of key events using the timeline of astrological events here. If you really want to feel into the Taurus energy take it a step further and add it to your calendar.

April 10th: Mercury Moves Out of Aries and Into Taurus

Start thinking about the practicality of your thoughts, are they rooted in reason and the earth? Or are they far away dreams you’ve been dreaming? This is a great opportunity to get things in order, replacing things in your home that need some freshness, adding beauty to your space or organizing your expenses.

April 12th: Jupiter and Neptunes Conjunction

Individuals, private space, can’t see each other, good doesn’t ruin the bad - one doesn’t affect the other. How do we deal with dire moments, going for your dreams? This planetary alignment hasn’t taken shape in a long while, specifically since 2009 so here we are able to see the fruits of our spiritual labor. Maybe you’ve been a devoted student to your studies or possibly you’ve been over doing it in your spiritual practices. Refine during this time to get a clear picture of how to move forward.

April 16th: Full Moon in Libra

This full moon is a culminating point to see the fullness of your relational life. Maybe it’s a work relationship, family relationship, or romantic relationship. There is room for improvement and things may become highlighted during this time period. Pay attention to the conversations that present themselves and how to move through these conversations with balance and ease.

April 19th: Sun Moves Into Taurus

Spring awakening hits the air during Taurus season and maybe it’s time to buy yourself a new outfit or get your garden in order for the months to come. Taurus is rooted in beauty, finances, and enjoying luxuries of life. This is a great four week period to enjoy yourself and the beauty of the earth around you.

April 30th: Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Eclipse season greets us again closing out the month of April. This is the first of two eclipses we will be experiencing during Taurusnseason. Eclipse can invoke a sense of change or period of fast movement. If you were going two steps forward be prepared to now walk sideways.

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