Your astrological forecast The Epitome of Summer Swing

Upcoming astrological events for the summer swing to keep you aligned and aware. Keep reading (especially if you are an Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio!)

The stars above are telling us a story each and every moment. Get outside into the rays of sun or darkness of night to see what story the stars are holding for you.

Here are some important astrological dates for the month of July.

July 13th: Full Moon in Capricorn

- The epitome of summer swing, things are busy especially with your responsibilities you have taken on lately. There will be a window of clarity for you to look inside and see what roles, tasks, and commitments may be worth the energetic release. Let go of things that aren’t a full YES.

July 17th: Venus enters Cancer

As Venus makes her way into Cancer get fresh eyes at your home or home situation. What makes you feel soothed and comfortable within your internal world. Now is a good time to freshen up your linens or buy yourself some flowers to charge things up.

July 18th: Mercury Enters Leo

A perfect opportunity for a vacation mid-July. Maybe you want to take a road trip to see a concert or attend a local market. Mercury calls upon our communication so maybe start a new passion project or get yourself on stage to be seen.

July 22nd: Leo Season Begins

Just like the sun, it’s time to be in your bright light! After reflecting on the inner workings Leo invites us to share our gifts and teachings with others in a big bold way. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and have some extra fun.

July 28th: New Moon in Leo

As the month winds down we will see with new eyes how we want to enter into the month of August and the upcoming seasons ahead. Manifestations will be potent during this time as the moon is trine Jupiter. Don’t be afraid to go for it.

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