Blue Hunter’s Moon An All Hallow’s Eve Treat

The season of spirits has arrived and this year, for the first time since 1944, we have a full moon shining light on the spirits that will walk among us. This is a Hunter’s moon because it is the time to harvest, store, and hunt for the Winter’s feast. A time to store our supplies and get ready for the cold road ahead. When we have two full moons in one month the second one is referred to as a Blue moon. These Blue moons allow us more time to extend our capacity for release and growth and should be treasured as such. What will you do with your expansive Blue moon?

Full Moon Mood

This moon is conjunct with Uranus, a planet of disruption, unexpected happenings, and spiritual awakenings. Don’t expect things to go according to the plan. Do expect the unexpected. Your iron gates will be lowered opening your emotions to bloom throughout the day. Don’t try to shut this down, learn patience for your transformation and embrace the softness of your inner teachings. While Uranus can feel like you’re being taken for a ride, Taurus can help to keep things grounded and stable under your feet. Things may start to feel complicated and too much, but you can always choose to view life with simple acts of love and your rough waters will calm.

Full Moon Action

Dig deeper into your own roots, your earth, the ground within yourself, to awaken parts unknown. Allowing room for growth and extended release of what no longer serves you. Don’t worry about releasing everything at once with this moon. A blue moon gives the gift of time. Let the release come in waves over the next few weeks. The beaver moon in November will be a time for a grand purge of all things unnecessary. This is a potently sacred time of year. A time to honor those we love that have left this realm. Allow yourself time to reflect, grieve, meditate, nap, whatever you feel called to in connection with your ancestors. We have a moon illuminating the path forward between life and death. Honor what is ancient, honor what is now, and honor what is yet to come.

The veil is thin, so take a peek at the treasures and mysteries within.

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