Saving Time With
Intentional Ritual

It’s been a busy year, to put it politely. Even with being stuck at home and plenty of time on our hands, the household chores can build up and feel overwhelming at times. At Supernatural we’re using this time at home to connect deeper with our daily rituals and how to elevate our mood and flow of work that needs to get done and how we relax after. Here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way and hope you find use in these easy-flow home rituals.

Alchemize your Schedule

On Sunday (or whichever day it is before you start your week) take a moment to meditate and feel into the chores and errands that are needing to get done. Have an action plan for your week that you can easily follow. We save time and energy knowing that there’s a plan in place for our peace of mind. We’re all healing through this journey, and setting intention into our responsibilities with a commitment to a certain day and time will keep our minds and our hearts in flow. We feel better prepared to seize the day and reduce the build-up of stress that comes with putting off the chores we know that need to get done. So whether it’s written on the fridge or an alarm set on your phone, having a schedule will save you from the procrastinator within that likes to bungle our good feelings and accomplishments. Even if you let it slide because you don’t have the energy to deal with the task, don’t beat yourself up. Part of working with a schedule is learning the awareness that comes with this practice. So go easy on yourself, changing your habits and rituals is a study of oneself and just by noticing that you want change, is already a change in and of itself.

Enjoy The Quiet Moments

Now that we have a schedule in place, we will have moments in between to relax and be at peace before getting the work done. These small gifts of self reflection are incredibly calming and important to maintain. It’s what we work towards, to enjoy the moments of silence and self. So whether it’s your tea or coffee break, or just a quick moment of meditation; be sure to fully enjoy them. Really feel into yourself and soak in a peaceful harmony that lives within your soul. It’s there for you to enjoy, and it doesn’t deserve to be wasted on what needs to get done, this is your moment so let it shine. The work that needs to get done will get done, and having that inner harmony will save you more time in the long run.

Really Listen to Others

This practice has really changed my life. Sometimes when we ask “How are you?” we’re just being nice, and if we could really sit with that for a moment and hear the other side from someone we’re talking with, we have an opportunity to uncover some valuable teachings. When we learn to listen we are also listening to ourselves, the vibrations and emotions that come up during conversations with others tell us a lot about emotional state. Learning to harness the power of listening we will save time from miscommunication and through discovering and healing emotions within ourselves we will live a life that is more in flow with our harmonizing nature. So next time you get into a conversation, try to tune in deeper, hear them out and feel within yourself the teachable moments. Knowing ourselves is a path to a better use of our time.

Live Clean, Breathe Clean

Those dishes need to be done! I only know this because I’ve got some to do right after I finish writing this article. The fact of the matter is, is that living in a clean home saves us so much time and energy. It’s an active physical ritual of moving energy that has been blocked up. When we clean we feel better and there are countless studies (as well as common intuition) that prove this. It’s more taxing to think about the cleaning that needs to be done rather than just getting up and doing it right then and there. So seize the moment! Hop up out of your chair and get it clean, you’ll feel your mood elevate and find a rhythm to the ritual that will cleanse your spirit as you cleanse your space. There are few things more relaxing than kicking back on the couch after a good deep cleaning session, and I know you know what I’m talking about.

These are just some basic tips, and by introducing the easy-to-follow basics into our lives we will uncover other rituals that will open us up further. Go down the rabbit hole and fall in love with your daily ritual. Honor the moment and yourself for bringing the change into your life. You deserve to live free, and we become free by finding the rituals we love.

Keep moving that beautiful soul! And as always, thank you for reading.

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