September’s Corn Moon A Time of Reflection & Release

Also called the Barley Moon, named by the Native Americans as the opportune time to harvest corn, barley, and other late summer crops, marks the end of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. We commonly refer to this moon as the harvest moon because it usually appears closest to the autumnal equinox. But this year, the first of two full moons in October will be considered our harvest moon.

Full Moon Mood

With this moon being in Pisces, it can leave us feeling more raw and in tune with our emotions. We’ve had a rough go of it this year and, with our energy feeling depleted, the universe is blessing you with a day of rest and relaxation. Since we have this extra cycle before the Harvest moon, it’s as though the stars are extending our year and showing us that good things come to those who wait. This ceremony is now completed, so reflect and release what does not serve you in your steps ahead.

Full Moon Action

Embrace this time of rest. Next week will mark the start of Mars in retrograde, which means now is when you should take a pause. Give yourself time to meditate. Take deep breaths. Pick up that book on your nightstand that you keep meaning to finish. Appreciate the little rituals you give yourself like making tea or watering your plants. Let time move slowly and listen to your intuition.

Don’t force actions to be taken. If there are tasks left undone don’t rush or cut corners to finish things. Pay attention to what the universe is showing you and realize that great things take time. Remember, we’ve been gifted this extra moon to allow us that little bit of space before we harvest the fruits of our labor. Rushing is the last thing we should be doing right now. Take it slow, breathe, and plan properly, let your harvest be full of love and joy as you inspire others to do the same.

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