The Cold Moon Silent with the Night and Ourselves

This full moon marks winter’s shorter days and the first cold snaps. The Full Cold Moon is a time of rebirth. In Native American cultures which tracked the calendar by the Moons, December’s Full Moon was known as the Full Cold Moon. It is accurately associated with the month when winter’s cold tightens its grip and the nights become longer in the dark. Another name for this Full Moon is Long Night Moon which is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is at its longest. Other names for The December Full Moon are Oak Moon, Winter Moon, and Wolf Moon. This is the time of the Dark Lord, with the Oak being his symbol. It is the time of rebirth and facing the deeper and darker parts of ourselves.

Full Moon Mood

The blessings are being bestowed upon us in a powerful way on this Full Moon. Can you feel the tension, truth, and emotions rise? This last full moon of the year often gives way to a lot of emotions we have hidden! Do not let it worry you though, let the light into your heart and you will discover your present truth. What was hidden is now revealed and it is an opportunity to confront it. The Moon is very feminine; it’s all about our feelings being expressed and verbalized. Take things slow as you uncover the layers of soil within.

Full Moon Action

Your head will be busy during this time, which will bring you feelings of either excitement or anxiety. Embrace and confront these feelings, as now is the best time to go deep within and recognize what makes you feel this way and why. With your thoughts often racing it is important to meditate! Winter is a magical time that forces us to slow down, not just physically (with ice on the road) but more important spiritually. As we do the inner work, we need to slow down our thoughts and focus on what brings up uncomfortable feelings and anxiety. These feelings are important to discover as they will become the seeds of change that we will need to plant in the spring. Slow down, and love yourself through this process of deep self reflection.

Sit in reverent silence with the Full Cold Moon on Dec 19th 11:37 pm CST

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