The Heart of Your Home

Learning the energy flow of your home is important to raising the vibrational resonance for you and your family. As you map out and learn your home’s most energetic hotspots you’ll quickly learn that your kitchen is where the real magic happens in any home. It’s where you and your loved ones spend a lot of your time laughing, cooking, and cleaning together. Keeping this space vibrationally resonant is key to keeping the positive flow running throughout the rest of your house.

As we learn more about what products (food, cutlery, cleaning products, etc.) best suit our tastes and needs, the more we understand the importance of buying Organic, Sustainable, and Reusable. Tracking your waste output is also key to learning areas of resistance in your kitchen. One of the biggest polluters comes from single use plastics and harsh chemicals that we keep right under the sink, which is usually in the heart of your kitchen. Supernatural is taking this new form of feng shui and new age energetics to heart so that we can raise the vibrational flows in our kitchen and have them better serve us.

Lose the Chemicals

Ok so this doesn’t mean go through your kitchen right now and throw away that new bottle of windex you just bought, but be mindful of what kind of chemicals are being used in your kitchen and around your food. Use up what you’ve already bought to limit our waste and then when it comes to buying something more resonant do your research! Supernatural sells a different type of cleaner for every surface in not only your home, but especially for your kitchen. We made sure to blend Mother Nature and Modern Science to work together in our conscious concentrates to help reduce our dependence on toxic cleaning products. Regardless if you use Supernatural or not, be sure to tune in to your home's energy and feel into what you're using around the food that you give to your friends and family.

Go Reusable

Everyday there is new science coming out about the dangers of Single-Use Plastics polluting our oceans, rivers, and landfills. It’s also coming to light that recycling plastics isn’t the cure-all that we were sold it would be. If you want to raise the vibrational energy of your home to work for the earth the best change you can make right now is to buy products that are made to be reusable. It will help limit the amount of plastics that you and your family throw out and will give you a cleaner conscience knowing that you’re doing what you can to help the earth. The products that last the longest might be a bit more expensive at first, but you’ll end up saving sooner than you think in the near future. Be sure to buy glass, which is a lot sturdier than even “Reusable” plastic bottles. There’s a reason glass has been around for millenia and actually has a higher rate of recyclability far outpacing recyclable plastics.

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